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Go four miles south of Columbia on Pulaski Pike, turn left (east) on Hickman Lane. Go about 4 tenths of a mile and turn north into a farm road at an old house place and circle around to the right (east) and the cemetery is on your left on a high place in a small grove of large trees. The new owner Mr. Anderson has recently cleaned the cemetery.

GALLAHER, Jas., "Son of S. P. Mc...., Feb , d. 30 Jul 1828, months." 
GOODING, John B., 25 Nov 1787, 1854,, 5 days. ...............shire, old England, (memorial broken and buried in ground.)
GOODING, George G., 3 Nov 1827 - 15 Jul 1829. "Son John B. & Jane Gooding, (Stone Broken.)
GOODING, Twin sons, Esau & Jacob, sons of John B. & Jane, b. 29 Apr 1830. Jacob died 13 May 1830 and Esau died 22 Aug 1830.
GOODING, Mary Elizabeth, 11 May 1832 - 1 Aug 1852. "Daughter of John B. & Jane Gooding." (new stone found)
GOODING, Sarah Ann
, ....... of ..... Gooding ..... 3, 4 ..... 1850. "A dutiful Child, A kind mother, an affectionate wife. She died in the blessed triumph of an immortal life. (Broken into many pieces.)
MAXWELL, Infant son of S. P., 13 Jun - Jul 1823.
McKEE, Jacob, 29 Aug 1782 - 4 Oct 1818. 36 years. (This is the only stone in cemetery that is not vandalized.)
McKEE, Elizabeth Hamilton, Wife of Jacob, born December 27, 1786, in Orange County, North Carolina, and died in 1819 in Maury County. Known to be Elizabeth Hamilton McKee. 
Also published in the books: "They Passed This Way", page D-144. listed about 1963 
"Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", Page 574. by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. Listed 18 Nov 1987. 
Listed by Wayne Austin and photographed by Mary Belle (a descendent, and Columbia Tennessee native) & Marc Duvivier of upstate New York, 14 Apr 2008, with the help of Wayne Austin this site publisher.
Excavation to uncover lost stones took place that day with much success. At least one new stone was found and is revealed here. We were saddened to find so many missing pieces of memorials as can be seen in the photos. I believe with more probing (no deeper than 4 inches) & excavation more historical details will come to light regarding the memorials. [WA 7 May 2008]