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Glenn Cemetery is found by going north on Highway 431 from Rally Hill, turn left onto Will Brown Road, go one mile. Take left onto a small land that enters old Will Brown place. Cemetery is located in a small grove between two trailers. Cemetery was not listed in They Passed This Way. It was listed on page 7 of Maury County, Tennessee Cemeteries. 

Lockbridge, Clifford, 15 Apr 1881 - 31 Dec 1910
 _________, Gideon, died _______, 1940 (Fred Hawkins records this to be an undertakers marker that was badly damaged at the time of his visit.) 

Mr. Hawkins records this to have a been a very large graveyard at one time. He noted at least 20 fieldstones and other graves marked by cavities in the ground. He noted on 27 Mar 1986 that it was completely hidden in a grove of trees. The two burials noted above are the only graves he found marked with something other than a fieldstone.

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This map has the Glenn Cemetery on it somewhere. However I have not a clue where that is since the instructions Mr. Hawkins gives clash
with this map. Also this cemetery is not listed on any cemetery map source and needs to be found and listed before it is destroyed. That road turning left at Lees Corner is the Will Brown road according to my map sources and it is hardly a mile long.
Information by Rick Gray 9/15/2004. Sources are freely referred to above.