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From Culleoka take Mooresville Pike (HWY 373) east for three miles and turn north onto McKnight/McKibbon Rd. When the road Forks take the McKibbon Road and continue on to the Clyde Foster Rd. Go 300 yards past the Clyde Foster Rd and look on the left to the Maury/Marshall County Line Signage. Park there at your own risk and follow the Maury Marshall County Line 250 yards east/northeast. About half way to the fence row go under the TVA Power lines and run into a fence row. Turn south and follow the fence row and go just around the fence row corner (Turn East) to the gate leading into a large Cow Pasture on the side of a gentle sloping field. Go through the gate another 350 yards this time more northeast and the cemetery is in that open field dotted with thickets. The Cemetery is in the upper thickets of trees surrounded by the field. There are two thickets close together. It is in the upper thicket in the upper center of the field. Don't be confused by several smaller thickets in this field. The cemetery is in the next to the largest thicket and there are only three large thickets. The cemetery is in the one that is further north (our left as we approach it.). The other thickets are just drainage soil areas covered in thick growth. During the dry season and with permission one might be able to drive to the cemetery. However the farmer's green pasture grasses must not be trampled with auto tires. Above the location is pointed out in the yellow arrow pointing south at the thicket.

This topographical map shows the elevations. Follow along using the brown lines that surround common elevations. The Garrett cemetery shows up as being in elevation 720 - 740 feet above sea level. Notice the cemetery is about 200 yards north of the creek and 100 yards of the Maury/Marshall County Tennessee line just inside Maury County. The dotted lines running north and south is the TVA Power Transmission lines. The heavy dots are the tall Steel Power Towers. This cemetery was found at Latitude 35 Degrees 28.335W and 86 degrees 54.722. That is 200 feet to the northwest of where it was placed on the map by Delorme mapping service.