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Adkison Cemetery Theta 354542N 0870721W
Akers-Brown Cemetery Lynnville 352712N 0870103W
Aiken Cemetery Carters Creek 353911N 0865910W
Akin Ridge Cemetery Williamsport 354419N 0871244W
Alderson Cemetery Williamsport 354148N 0871343W
Alexander Cemetery Williamsport 354429N 0871208W
Alexander Cemetery Spring Hill 354512N 0865926W
Alexandria Cemetery Williamsport 354426N 0871146W
Allen Cemetery Carters Creek 353805N 0865643W
Allen Cemetery Carters Creek 354046N 0865704W
Allmond Cemetery Carters Creek 353952N 0865334W
Amis Cemetery Campbells Station 352754N 0865952W
Amis Cemetery Campbells Station 352839N 0865918W
Andrews Cemetery Glendale 353452N 0865545W
Andrews Cemetery Theta 354559N 0870620W
Arlington Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353045N 0871312W
Ashton Cemetery Campbells Station 352927N 0865506W
Ashworth Cemetery Primm Springs 354903N 0870852W
Atkinson Cemetery Glendale 353344N 0865717W
Bailey Cemetery Carters Creek 354423N 0865510W
Bailey Cemetery Mount Joy 353101N 0871604W
Bailey Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353330N 0871410W
Ballanfant Cemetery Campbells Station 352853N 0865937W
Baty Cemetery Campbells Station 352914N 0865552W
Baxter Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353925N 0871708W
Beech Hill Cemetery Mount Joy 353358N 0871601W
Bethany Cemetery Campbells Station 352955N 0865638W
Bills Cemetery Columbia 353253N 0870105W
Birkett Hill Cemetery Columbia 353103N 0870715W
Black Cemetery Carters Creek 354419N 0865836W
Blackburn Cemetery Williamsport 354403N 0871153W
Blackburn Cemetery Carters Creek 353840N 0865416W
Blackman Cemetery Theta 354617N 0870037W
Blair Cemetery Carters Creek 354335N 0865254W
Blanton Chapel Cemetery Carters Creek 354034N 0865458W
Blowing Spring Cemetery Sandy Hook 352719N 0871307W
Booker Cemetery Lynnville 352820N 0870031W
Bowen Cemetery Williamsport 353804N 0870757W
Bowman Cemetery Glendale 353043N 0865648W
Boyd Cemetery Rally Hill 353951N 0864949W
Braden Cemetery Lynnville 352601N 0870015W
Brady Cemetery Primm Springs 354802N 0870930W
Branch Cemetery Glendale 353343N 0865519W
Brooks Cemetery Williamsport 354458N 0870807W
Brooks Cemetery Godwin 354233N 0870715W
Broom Cemetery Williamsport 354129N 0871300W
Brown Cemetery Campbells Station 352828N 0865537W
Brown Cemetery Godwin 354329N 0870415W
Brown Cemetery Lynnville 352442N 0870136W
Brown Cemetery Carters Creek 354026N 0865346W
Brown Cemetery Carters Creek 354238N 0865448W
Brown Cemetery Carters Creek 354146N 0865305W
Brown Cemetery Verona 353729N 0865028W
Bruce Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353402N 0871208W
Bryant Station Cemetery Glendale 353038N 0865319W
Buckner Cemetery Mount Joy 353423N 0871525W
Buford Cemetery Carters Creek 354431N 0865315W
Bumpass-King Cemetery Sandy Hook 352845N 0871330W
Bunch Cemetery Carters Creek 354213N 0865605W
Burney Cemetery Rally Hill 354152N 0865058W
Bynum-Williams Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353408N 0871013W
Byrd Cemetery Primm Springs 354743N 0871249W
Caldwell Cemetery Carters Creek 354017N 0865715W
Caldwell Cemetery Carters Creek 354343N 0865457W
Campbell Cemetery Carters Creek 354357N 0865946W
Catheys Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353836N 0871652W
Cave Spring cemetery Theta 354802N 0870511W
Cecil Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353039N 0871446W
Cecil Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353501N 0871323W
Cedar Hill Cemetery Mount Joy 353631N 0871524W
Central Cemetery Glendale 353058N 0865906W
Chaffin Cemetery Lynnville 352834N 0870719W
Chaffin Cemetery Lynnville 352744N 0870455W
Charter Cemetery Williamsport 354400N 0871333W
Chavers Cemetery Sandy Hook 352938N 0871446W
Cheairs Cemetery Carters Creek 354335N 0865635W
Cheek Cemetery Glendale 353333N 0865334W
Cherry Cemetery Greenfield Bend 354033N 0871512W
Childress Cemetery Verona 353122N 0865217W
Childress Cemetery Carters Creek 354318N 0865232W
Chrite Cemetery Carters Creek 354054N 0865753W
Church Cemetery Glenville 373435N 0871453W
Church Cemetery Greenfield Bend 354307N 0871534W
Clymore Cemetery Verona 353559N 0864958W
Clymore Cemetery Verona 353618N 0864931W
Coffey Cemetery Sandy Hook 352807N 0870926W
Cohea Cemetery Campbells Station 352805N 0865919W
Coleman Cemetery Rally Hill 354315N 0865105W
Conner Cemetery Mount Joy 353611N 0871713W
Cook-Caughron Cemetery Williamsport 354457N 0870739W
Cooke Cemetery Williamsport 353922N 0871409W
Cooper Cemetery Carters Creek 353744N 0865711W
Cox Cemetery Carters Creek 353952N 0865640W
Cranford Cemetery Glendale 353708N 0865545W
Crosby Cemetery Williamsport 354148N 0871253W
Cross Bridges Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353702N 0871251W
Cross Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353404N 0871228W
Crows Cemetery Rally Hill 354002N 0864956W
Daimwood Cemetery Carters Creek 353749N 0865920W
Daniels Cemetery Columbia 353111N 0870040W
Daniels Cemetery Carters Creek 353825N 0865355W
Davidson Cemetery Glendale 353255N 0865604W
Davis-Mitchell Cemetery Glendale 353711N 0865821W
Dawson Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353140N 0871121W
Delk Cemetery Greenfield Bend 354012N 0871654W
Derryberry Cemetery Carters Creek 353829N 0865327W
Derryberry Cemetery Carters Creek 353910N 0865332W
Dickey Cemetery Columbia 353700N 0870504W
Dickson Cemetery Mount Joy 353127N 0871552W
Dillehay Cemetery Glendale 353205N 0865636W
Dobbins Cemetery Carters Creek 353935N 0865752W
Dodson Cemetery Godwin 354238N 0870440W
Dodson Cemetery Godwin 354422N 0870543W
Dooley Cemetery Columbia 353543N 0870246W
Dowd Cemetery Rally Hill 354259N 0865028W
Dowell cemetery Godwin 354202N 0870342W
Doyle Cemetery Carters Creek 353823N 0865457W
Ebenezer Cemetery Sandy Hook 352906N 0870906W
English Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353649N 0871203W
Ervine Cemetery Columbia 353352N 0870011W
Erwin Cemetery Williamsport 354332N 0871012W
Estes Cemetery Columbia 353255N 0870623W
Evans Cemetery Carters Creek 353822N 0865902W
Everett Cemetery Carters Creek 353940N 0865629W
Evergreen Cemetery Campbells Station 352538N 0865946W
Farrar Cemetery Glendale 353648N 0865443W
Farris Cemetery Carters Creek 353802N 0865727W
Finch Cemetery Williamsport 354153N 0871321W
Fitzgerald Cemetery Theta 354513N 0870343W
Fitzgerald Cemetery Godwin 354405N 0870250W
Fitzpatrick Cemetery Campbells Station 352806N 0865643W
Fitzspatrick Cemetery Campbells Station 352943N 0865830W
Fleming Cemetery Columbia 353114N 0870111W
Fly Cemetery Primm Springs 354724N 0871043W
Foster Cemetery Lynnville 352647N 0870245W
Foster Cemetery Williamsport 353939N 0871231W
Foster Cemetery Godwin 354053N 0870145W
Foster Cemetery Carters Creek 354001N 0865411W
Foster Cemetery Carters Creek 354047N 0865748W
Foster Cemetery Williamsport 353958N 0871237W
Fountain Creek Cemetery Campbells Station 352906N 0865949W
Friendship Cemetery Campbells Station 352840N 0865826W
Galloway Cemetery Theta 354530N 0870215W
Gardner Cemetery Primm Springs 354618N 0871133W
Garrett Cemetery Lynnville 352800N 0870512W
Garrett Cemetery Campbells Station 352819N 0865441W
Gaskill Cemetery Theta 354519N 0870654W
Giddens Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353111N 0870837W
Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery Sandy Hook 352806N 0870800W
Gill Cemetery Campbells Station 352706N 0865947W
Gilliam Cemetery Glendale 353406N 0865505W
Gilmer Cemetery Lynnville 352829N 0870455W
Glenwood Cemetery Lynnville 352848N 0870555W
Godwin Cemetery Theta 354537N 0870504W
Gooch Cemetery Lynnville 352703N 0870658W
Gooding Cemetery Columbia 353248N 0870224W
Goshen Cemetery Primm Springs 354557N 0870952W
Granberry Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353257N 0871350W
Gray Cemetery Columbia 353052N 0870106W
Greenfield Cemetery Williamsport 354127N 0871433W
Greenwood Cemetery Columbia 353711N 0870202W
Griffin-Love Cemetery Glendale 353249N 0865743W
Grimes Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353232N 0871431W
Hackney Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353031N 0870928W
Harbison Cemetery Primm Springs 354520N 0871130W
Hardison Cemetery Glendale 353630N 0865453W
Hardison Cemetery Glendale 353710N 0865443W
Hardison Cemetery Carters Creek 354019N 0865231W
Hardison Cemetery Carters Creek 353904N 0865513W
Hardison Cemetery Verona 353354N 0865053W
Hargrove Cemetery Rally Hill 354054N 0865136W
Harlem Cemetery Godwin 353933N 0870701W
Harmon Cemetery Carters Creek 354201N 0865236W
Harris Cemetery Glendale 353345N 0865800W
Harris Cemetery Godwin 353956N 0870412W
Harvey Cemetery Rally Hill 354059N 0865157W
Haynes Cemetery Campbells Station 352948N 0865427W
Hays Cemetery Carters Creek 353753N 0865451W
Haywood Cemetery Godwin 354020N 0870515W
Haywood Cemetery Godwin 354213N 0870403W
Herring Cemetery Carters Creek 354138N 0865737W
Hight Cemetery Theta 354546N 0870712W
Hight Cemetery Godwin 354457N 0870640W
Hill Cemetery Glendale 353303N 0865648W
Hills Chapel Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353638N 0871228W
Hilltown Cemetery Primm Springs 354609N 0870820W
Hogan Cemetery Lynnville 352628N 0870323W
Holcomb Cemetery Carters Creek 353954N 0865552W
Holland Cemetery Glendale 353409N 0865617W
Holt Cemetery Campbells Station 352800N 0865608W
Hopewell Cemetery Columbia 353011N 0870341W
Hopkins Cemetery Greenfield Bend 354131N 0871707W
Howard Cemetery Lynnville 352851N 0870303W
Howard Cemetery Glendale 353407N 0865521W
Howard Chapel Cemetery Columbia 353435N 0870006W
Howell Cemetery Sandy Hook 352726N 0870748W
Hubbell Cemetery Lynnville 352726N 0870649W
Hughes Cemetery Godwin 353916N 0870447W
Hunter Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353114N 0871236W
Hunter Cemetery Carters Creek 353806N 0865512W
Hunter-Kittrell Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353155N 0870830W
Hurt Cemetery Rally Hill 354222N 0864940W
Isom Cemetery Mount Joy 353625N 0872012W
Jackson Cemetery Verona 353326N 0865129W
Jackson Cemetery Verona 353536N 0865208W
Jennings Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353129N 0871420W
Jocobs Cemetery Godwin 354306N 0870611W
Johnson Cemetery Williamsport 354412N 0870956W
Johnson-Oakley Cemetery Primm Springs 354726N 0870939W
Johnsons Chapel Cemetery Primm Springs 354856N 0870933W
Johnston Cemetery Carters Creek 354233N 0865831W
Jones Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353743N 0871815W
Jones Cemetery Williamsport 354345N 0870824W
Jones Cemetery Carters Creek 353836N 0865332W
Kelley Cemetery Primm Springs 354750N 0871126W
Kinderhook Cemetery Primm Springs 354744N 0871134W
Kinnard Cemetery Carters Creek 353935N 0865433W
Kittrell Cemetery Columbia 353322N 0870619W
Kittrell Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353745N 0871812W
Kittrell Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353807N 0871817W
Knob Creek Cemetery Godwin 354226N 0870442W
Lancaster Cemetery Glendale 353221N 0865708W
Lancaster Cemetery Glendale 353313N 0865733W
Lanton Cemetery Carters Creek 354135N 0865645W
Lasley Cemetery Sandy Hook 352914N 0871420W
Lasting Hope Cemetery Godwin 354323N 0870014W
Lawrence Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353241N 0871204W
Lee Cemetery Lynnville 352820N 0870249W
Leftwich Cemetery Carters Creek 353822N 0865925W
Liberty Cemetery Williamsport 354113N 0870900W
Lindsey cemetery Glendale 353127N 0865923W
Litton Cemetery Primm Springs 354854N 0871057W
Lockhart Cemetery Theta 354531N 0870515W
Loftin Cemetery Glendale 353610N 0865858W
Loftin Cemetery Glendale 353636N 0865722W
Logue Cemetery Lynnville 352912N 0870552W
Love Cemetery Columbia 353150N 0870030W
Love Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353841N 0871532W
Lovett Cemetery Carters Creek 353933N 0865255W
Lovett Cemetery Carters Creek 354002N 0865415W
Lumsden Cemetery Rally Hill 353739N 0864953W
Maguire Cemetery Godwin 353732N 0870232W
Matthews Cemetery Lynnville 352745N 0870545W
Matthews Cemetery Columbia 353214N 0870604W
McCains Cemetery Columbia 353106N 0870307W
McKee Cemetery Theta 354508N 0870057W
McKennan Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353712N 0870750W
McKennon Cemetery Williamsport 353814N 0870955W
McKissick Cemetery Lynnville 352902N 0870729W
McKnight Cemetery Primm Springs 354746N 0870819W
McKnight Cemetery Lynnville 352808N 0870528W
Meadow Lawn Memorial Garden Carters Creek 354207N 0865902W
Miller Cemetery Godwin 354110N 0870126W
Mills Cemetery Rally Hill 353823N 0865122W
Moore Cemetery Campbells Station 352925N 0865942W
Moore Cemetery Columbia 353420N 0870015W
Moore Cemetery Rally Hill 354039N 0864903W
Morrow Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353939N 0871818W
Morton Cemetery Verona 353259N 0865045W
Mount Ararat Cemetery Carters Creek 353911N 0865752W
Mount Evergreen Cemetery Columbia 353124N 0870326W
Mount Nebo Cemetery Williamsport 353911N 0870958W
Mount Wesley Cemetery Godwin 354204N 0870556W
Murphy Cemetery Sandy Hook 352809N 0870743W
Murphy Cemetery Sandy Hook 352931N 0870830W
Neale Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353321N 0871427W
Neapolis Cemetery Carters Creek 354236N 0865836W
New Ramey Cemetery Lynnville 352733N 0870158W
Oakley Cemetery Primm Springs 354705N 0871044W
Oakley Cemetery Primm Springs 355027N 0871209W
Old Brick Church Cemetery Carters Creek 354228N 0865614W
Old Camping Ground Cemetery Lynnville 352940N 0870009W
Old Cathey Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353846N 0871601W
Old City Cemetery Columbia 353424N 0870134W
Old Knob Creek Cemetery Godwin 354209N 0870456W
Old Love Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353945N 0871837W
Patterson Cemetery Columbia 353208N 0870237W
Peay Cemetery Rally Hill 353835N 0865026W
Peeler Cemetery Columbia 353512N 0870320W
Perry Cemetery Columbia 353044N 0870352W
Perry-Pillow Cemetery Lynnville 352927N 0870528W
Peyton Cemetery Mount Joy 353602N 0871919W
Philadelphia Cemetery Glendale 353314N 0865516W
Pillow Cemetery Columbia 353342N 0870714W
Pisgah Cemetery Mount Joy 353417N 0871641W
Pleasant Mount Cemetery Glendale 353230N 0865806W
Polard Cemetery Williamsport 353745N 0870846W
Polk Cemetery Godwin 354331N 0870037W
Pollard Cemetery Williamsport 353745N 0870847W
Porter Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353154N 0870919W
Porter Cemetery Godwin 353903N 0870013W
Potts Cemetery Primm Springs 354746N 0871116W
Powell Cemetery Sandy Hook 352602N 0871119W
Pratt Cemetery Rally Hill 354051N 0864915W
Puckett Cemetery Glendale 353117N 0865457W
Pugh Cemetery Mount Joy 353538N 0872000W
Pulliam Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353124N 0870938W
Ragan Cemetery Carters Creek 354110N 0865300W
Rail Cemetery Primm Springs 354757N 0870839W
Ramsey Cemetery Campbells Station 352612N 0865828W
Redding Cemetery Campbells Station 352748N 0865911W
Reeses Chapel Cemetery Columbia 353040N 0870603W
Renfro Cemetery Campbells Station 352842N 0865648W
Richardson Cemetery Lynnville 352715N 0870203W
Rieves Cemetery Glendale 353439N 0865752W
Ring Cemetery Rally Hill 353741N 0864933W
Rise-Warden Cemetery Campbells Station 352620N 0865904W
Roberts Cemetery Carters Creek 353852N 0865946W
Roberts Cemetery Godwin 354040N 0870704W
Rock Springs Cemetery Glendale 353530N 0865524W
Rose Hill Cemetery Columbia 353616N 0870147W
Rose Mont Cemetery Columbia 353612N 0870138W
Roundtree Cemetery Theta 354708N 0870105W
Saint Johns Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353423N 0870815W
Santa Fe Cemetery Williamsport 354348N 0870743W
Secrest Cemetery Carters Creek 353947N 0865708W
Sewell Cemetery Primm Springs 354800N 0870749W
Sewell Cemetery Glendale 353047N 0865852W
Shane Cemetery Campbells Station 352714N 0865913W
Sharp Cemetery Carters Creek 353823N 0865359W
Sharp Cemetery Rally Hill 353732N 0865207W
Shaw Cemetery Campbells Station 352829N 0865748W
Sheboss Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353928N 0871928W
Sheepneck Cemetery Sandy Hook 352843N 0871404W
Shiloh Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353443N 0871441W
Shires Cemetery Rally Hill 353818N 0864947W
Shires Cemetery Rally Hill 353832N 0864943W
Shyes Cemetery Carters Creek 353929N 0865709W
Slaughter Cemetery Primm Springs 354933N 0871239W
Smith Cemetery Glendale 353308N 0865902W
Smith Cemetery Rally Hill 353917N 0865025W
Smith Chapel Cemetery Columbia 353300N 0870254W
South Point Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353916N 0871643W
Sowell Cemetery Glendale 353615N 0865336W
Sowell Cemetery Carters Creek 353843N 0865722W
Spain Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353103N 0870803W
Spencer Hill Cemetery Sandy Hook 352652N 0870958W
Spring Hill Cemetery Carters Creek 354458N 0865537W
Stephenson Cemetery Carters Creek 354406N 0865333W
Stone Cemetery Sandy Hook 352834N 0871305W
Strayhorn Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353655N 0871417W
Street Cemetery Carters Creek 353803N 0865805W
Tankersley Cemetery Glendale 353633N 0865927W
Tate Cemetery Theta 354517N 0870538W
Taylor Cemetery Godwin 354418N 0870424W
Terrell Cemetery Theta 354502N 0870013W
Theta Cemetery Theta 354645N 0870300W
Theta Cemetery Theta 354646N 0870246W
Thompson Cemetery Carters Creek 354324N 0865533W
Timmons Cemetery Godwin 353928N 0870410W
Todd Cemetery Columbia 353503N 0870152W
Turnbo Cemetery Sandy Hook 352744N 0871018W
Undeerwood Cemetery Glendale 353726N 0865243W
Vaughan Cemetery Glendale 353503N 0865919W
Vestal Cemetery Godwin 354323N 0870716W
Vestal Cemetery Godwin 354351N 0870307W
Voorhies Cemetery Carters Creek 353823N 0865733W
Voorhies Cemetery Godwin 354125N 0870055W
Walker Cemetery Theta 354752N 0870509W
Walker Cemetery Columbia 353617N 0870615W
Walker Cemetery Columbia 353017N 0870303W
Walker-Spatswell Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353405N 0871125W
Watson Cemetery Glendale 353029N 0865403W
Watson Cemetery Godwin 354121N 0870311W
Watson Cemetery Glendale 353304N 0865513W
Watts Hill Cemetery Sandy Hook 352637N 0871111W
Webster Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353708N 0871328W
Wells Cemetery Carters Creek 354420N 0865430W
Wells Cemetery Campbells Station 352737N 0865845W
West Cemetery Godwin 354142N 0870328W
West Point Cemetery Godwin 354240N 0870307W
White Cemetery Williamsport 354104N 0870927W
Whiteside Cemetery Greenfield Bend 353745N 0871825W
Williams Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353127N 0871012W
Williams Cemetery Rally Hill 353951N 0865003W
Williams Cemetery Godwin 354323N 0870721W
Williamsport Cemetery Williamsport 354119N 0871313W
Williamsport Cemetery Williamsport 354112N 0871303W
Winn Cemetery Columbia 353100N 0870019W
Winn Cemetery Columbia 353041N 0870011W
Wisener Cemetery Godwin 354004N 0870504W
Wisner Cemetery Godwin 354044N 0870636W
Witherspoon Cemetery Godwin 354406N 0870644W
Woody Cemetery Williamsport 354259N 0870820W
Workman Cemetery Summertown 352653N 0871728W
Wortham Cemetery Columbia 353017N 0870641W
Wright Cemetery Columbia 353101N 0870627W
Zion Cemetery Mount Pleasant 353555N 0870842W
Zollicoffer Cemetery Columbia 353228N 0870514W

Transcribed for this site by Wayne Austin  9/9/2006