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View from Poplar Creek Rd. looking east at the John E. Foster memorial known in historical circles as the Foster Cemetery #1

This is the place one will park in the bend of the road after securing permission to visit this cemetery.
A tribute to General Nathaniel Green on the barrier.

Old antique home is in view while along the trip to the Foster cemetery #2. Bend to the right of the home and go by and on behind the old tobacco barns on our right.

Follow these arrows to the cemetery up an old road bed once clear in back of the barns.

This is your first glimpse of he sparse tombstones here. We are back in the woods looking northwest. I think both of these stones are fallen and propped against trees.

Looking at the old dead pine trees under which are the memorial stones of the Foster Cemetery.

Depicted here are some of the most visible features of this abandoned and lost cemetery.
Photos and information 1 Jan 2009 by Wayne Austin.