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These two cemeteries were located on this Topomap using the Lat & Long coordinates supplied by someone to USGS. I searched the top red check for Foster Cemetery #2 area thoroughly and was unable to locate the cemetery. This map therefore has an incorrect GPS marking for that cemetery. I went back a second time armed with a better understanding of Fred Hawkin's instructions of 1987 to find Foster Cemetery #2 and was (lucky) successful. I found the cemetery across the road and back up onto a forest behind two old barns and an old house on 27 Jan 2009.
The corrected GPS is on or about 35.66036 degrees north X 87.211311 degrees west.

Map from Topozone modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 14 Nov 2008.

This is a corrected depiction of the Foster Cemetery #1 & Foster Cemetery #2. Foster Cem #1 is correct on GPS mapping but now the above + depicted with the #2 is the spot where this Foster Cemetery #2 can be found up the slope in the woods. No pines exist there anymore. The corrected GPS is on or about 35.66036 degrees north X 87.211311 degrees west. Turns out I found the cemetery with all the correct mentioned locator particulars in place. However the large pine trees were dead and fallen onto the graveyard creating problems. This brings up a point. Never use Pine Trees to mark the spot for cemeteries. Their lives are too short at most about 80 years for their life cycle. The Hardwoods spring up around them and choke them out in the south Tennessee Hills where they are not native.
This map shows the spot where the cemetery can be found without any further labeling at the tip of
the yellow arrow in the forest. That is actually beside and old road bed.

This map shows what you will see as you approach Foster Cemetery #1 on your left upon the bank of the road just past a house. As you approach there   The cemetery is about 30 yards from the Poplar Creek Rd. The Foster Cemetery #1 is easily found as located upon the east bank beside the road just south of the drive of that house next door. With this aerial map I have placed yellow pointers showing the various assets that one can see today along the path toward looking for Foster Cemetery #2. After viewing Foster Cem #1 go south a few hundred yards & turn right off of Popular Creek Road into the private drive. When the road bends at the gate park and walk up the drive about 50 yards & bear to the right of the old house toward the two barns. Go just to the left of the first barn which is falling down and then bend right to go around the right side of the second barn. Continue up the slope thru the open area bending right until the tree line takes over and there you will notice the old road bed. Follow the old road bed another 50 yards and the scattered little stones will be on your left spaced about the forest. March is the best time to find this graveyard. The leaves are decayed and mashed down and the vegetation is dormant. The whole distance back into there is not more than 200 yards.
Map from MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 14 Nov 2008.