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COVEY, William, (1748) - d. 14 Feb 1839, aged 91 yrs. (Native of Caroline Co., Maryland; immigrated to Tenn. in 1803-1816.Revolutionary War Soldier DAR #626222; married Rebekah Fleming in 1766 Albany Co., N.Y.)
COVEY, Rebeckah, d. 18 Oct 1833, aged 93 yrs. "Consorte of William Covey.' (Stone lost, fallen buried in the ground., Mr Fred found it in 1988.)
COVEY, Mary M., d. 5 Aug 1829, aged 7 mos. "Dau. of Wm. W. and Margaret Covey."
FLEMING, William O. (Overton), 18 Dec 1808 - 21 Dec 1878 (h/o of Winny Richardson).
FLEMING, Winny M. (Richardson), 10 Sep 1810 - 18 Jan 1862. (Wife of Wm. Overton Fleming; nee Winny M. Richardson)
FLEMING, Alfred, 14 Dec 1806 - 14 Mar 1887. (Same Stone: James Alfred Henderson & Euphemia Fleming Mack.)
FLEMING, Turza C., 16 Feb 1815 - 17 Jul 1869.
FLEMING, ....ry L., 23 Apr .... - 7 Feb 1862.(Broken, might be Mary L. Fleming))
FLEMING, Susan M., d. 4 Sep 1841, aged 10 months.
FLEMING, Cleopatra E., 14 May 1845 - 25 Mar 1862.
FLEMING, 1853, d. ...Jul 1854. (Broken, between Winny Y. & Cleopatra E.)
HENDERSON, James Alfred, 1868 - 1885. (Same Stone: Euphemia Fleming Mack & Alfred Fleming.)
JONES, Margaret M., d. 16 Feb 1824. (72-11-??) (Shaled.)
JONES, John M., 17 Oct 1780 - 30 Jun 1842. "Was a member of M. E. Church for 30 yrs."
JONES, Hannah, 9 Oct 1787 - 18(?) Nov 1859."Wife of John M. Jones", (barely readable.)
JONES, John N., d. 20 Aug 1834. (21-06-??)(buried deep in the ground)
JONES, James Wesley, 3 Feb 1826 - 10 Nov 1847. (20-08-07.)
LANIER, Louisa J., 15 Dec 1822 - 6 Jun 1851. (28-05-22.) "Wife R. B. (or P.) Lanier.'
LOVE, Mary, d. 6 Sep 1840, aged 72 years. (This grave was moved to Wilkes Cemetery for reburial in the Love Family plot 2 miles south of this place.)
MACK, Euphemia Fleming, 1845 - 1880. (Same Stone: James Alfred Henderson & Alfred Fleming.)
MATTHEWS, Infant son of John & Rebecca, born, 1 Jan 1832.
UNKNOWN, marker, probably mounted over the head of a grave.
UNKNOWN, marker, has vague inscriptions but they are not readable. might be a footstone or a headstone.
UNKNOWN, stone, has no inscriptions. Might be a footstone or a headstone.
UNKNOWN, stone, has no inscriptions. Might be a footstone or a headstone.
UNKNOWN, Box tomb
, has no inscriptions.
UNKNOWN, rock fence surrounding one or more graves


In 1818, three circuit riders immigrated from Granville Co., N. C. to the area several miles south of Columbia. These three, Rev. Nathaniel Moore, Robert Doak and Levan Covy, purchased a lot from William Covey, who had arrived in the area two years earlier and proceeded to organize a Methodist Church and to build a simple log structure that served as a meeting house for a number of years. After establishing this graveyard it is believed this church was merged into the nearby church to the south at (Wilkes) Campground Methodist Church then later in 1838 into the Culleoka Church, but the community continued to use this graveyard for a while longer.