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The two memorials of the Payne Children are in our immediate view with the Finch family memorials further down the hill. 
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FINCH, John C., 1859 - 1922.
FINCH, Sallie Sue,
1865 - 1949. (wife of John C. Finch.)
16 Mar 1884 - 27 Jun 1917. "He is not dead but sleepeth."
FINCH, Tavy I.,
16 Aug 1888 - 21 Jul 1912.
FINCH, Ida H.,
12 Jun 1895 - 20 Mar 1916. "Pillowed on thy Savior's breast Softly sleep and sweetly rest soon the morning will restore the buried child we new before."
HARRIS, Rosa Finch,
3 Apr 1893 - 6 Nov 1913. "Married to B. E. Harris on 11 Aug 1912."
PAYNE, Mary Lucille, 10 May 1911 - 24 May 1916.
PAYNE, Daniel Evans, Jr.,
13 Jul 1917 - 7 Jan 1918.

This small family cemetery appears to be well cared for with a gated fence and clean grounds and all stones standing up.

This cemetery was found in at least a couple of books of the past. Mr. Fred Lee Hawkins presented it in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, listed 12 Feb 1987 on page 250. Prior to that it was listed in the book They Passed This Way, page B-4, about 1967. Recently visited, photographed, and transcribed 27 Jan 2009 by Wayne Austin. Added here 23 Sep 2009.