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I believe the red check may be a bit too far from the road and too close to the house shown just north of there as a black dot. The above coordinates calculate to about 144 yards from the road. I think the distance is more like 75 yards. Also the actual cemetery is about 50 yards further south than the above coordinates. This is one of many for the map makers to fix.

This Road Map shows the Bend in Rock Springs Road where the cemetery can be found. Notice this cemetery is located in higher terrain than surrounding lands.

The red check marks the place this cemetery can be found in the tree lined area. 
That hedge row of trees follows a small ridge top northeast where no farm cultivation can occur and is the reason for the trees existence. It is possible the red check is marked slightly too far north, but is about the correct distance from the road. We are left estimating since the coordinates are not correct for this cemetery and there is no precise mapping that permanently shows the location of this cemetery. 
Maps from Topozone & MS Virtual Earth, modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 16 Feb 2009.