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Instructions 1987: Turn south off Hwy 99 onto Rock Springs Road and go three miles to Earl T. Gilliam place. Cemetery is across road from his house, in cattle pasture.
Instructions 2008: Turn (right) south off Hwy 99 onto Rock Springs Road and go three miles. Look to your left and you will begin to notice a bank above the road. Just about the same time you will notice a farm road with a locked gate in place. The cemetery is about 40 yards on the left from the edge of the road southeast of that gate. The Jones Memorials have a chain link fence around them, but much of that is fallen in now.

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BRIDGES, Sarah Ann Brown, 25 Oct 1814 - 26 Jul 1842. 'Early United with Baptist Church." (memorial not found in 2008, WA.)
FARRAR, M. (Martha) M., 27 Oct 1800 - 26 Mar 1874. "Wife of William Farrar." (Rock vault, top broken.)
FARRAR, James N. B., 28 Aug 1841 - 16 Oct 1853. Son of William and Martha Farrar. Aged 12 years, 1 month & 18 days. (Large monument fallen and stood up as 3 individual pieces.)
FARRAR, Margaret Eliza, infant daughter of Samuel & Sarah, 13 Sep 1838 - 5 Jan 1839. (marker not found, 1987, by FLH nor in 2008 by WA.)
JONES, Charles G., 12 Feb 1803 - 2 Jan 1874. "Husband of Nancy A. Jones.' (Nice marble marker, tumbled and almost buried.)
JONES, Nancy A.
, 28 Sep 1805 - 5 Aug 1892. "Our Mother, Lost To Sight, But Dear To Memory." Memorial replaced since 1987.
JONES, W., base with footstone W. J.. (This stone not found in 1987 nor 2008.)

This was once a nice cemetery but through the years it has been almost destroyed by neglect and abuse. Some 15 to 20 fieldstones, the rock wall around the "Jones" section, the nice vaults, etc. show that this was a large and important cemetery about the turn of the century. Many of the box tomb tops are missing, just sunken below the ground, or turned over facing the ground. There may be more inscriptions that can be read if that were corrected. There are four rock lined vaults in the Farrar Family grave area, with the tops scattered, but best we can tell without inscriptions.

This cemetery listing was shown in the various books of the past. Mr. Fred Lee Hawkins & Rev. Dwain Brown, accompanied by Allan, Rev. Brown's three year old son helped present it in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, listed 14 Mar 1986 on page 107. Before that it was listed in the book They Passed This Way, page C-41, about 1967. While some of this info came from the above books much of it came from descendents with various ancestral books having common original sources.  [Photos dated 23 Dec 2008 by Wayne Austin. Compiled and added here 16 Feb 2009]