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This map shows the location of an Estes Cemetery marked only with "Cem" by Topozone. However, this is not the location Mr. Fred alluded to in MCTC as the Estes Cemetery nor is it the one I found. That location is a mile north of this place. I do not know if there are two Estes Cemeteries, but if so the one above is not on record as being reported by any historian in past publications. This place above is fairly close to the Pender Grave. That may account for the mix up. My current thinking is however that the Pender Grave is east of here several hundred yards. The approximate coordinates for the Estes Cemetery in question is 35.5715 degrees North and 87.1027 degrees West. That is just about a mile north of the above coordinates. 

The instructions Mr. Fred gave in 1988 shows this cemetery is about 250 yards from Foster Lane. Foster Lane is shown on the left as an unimproved road. 
1988 instructions F.L.H.: On back side of Wick Halliday place; best reached by turning left off Mt. Pleasant Pike, about mile south of Sunnyside Lane. Take farm road due south for a mile to the fork in road. Cross fence on left and go across pasture to the cemetery which is in a small grove of trees enclosed by a rock wall.
2009 instructions W.A.: Take Foster Lane off of the Mt Pleasant Pike. Go one mile or until the road bends 90 degrees (left) westward. Walk across the pasture eastward bending slightly northward for 250 yards passing under the TVA Electrical Grid lines on the way. Cemetery is in a grove of trees enclosed by a rock wall. 

Here we see Foster Lane and a red check marking the cemetery inside the rock wall at the edge of a tree line. A mile south of the Estes Cemetery is another cemetery plotted by MS Streets & Trips as the Estes Cemetery. There are not two Estes Cemeteries that I know of so I believe this is incorrectly labeled. An investigation of the southern marked site will resolve that, but it is far from roads and at the top of a hill in the forest, leaving this place hard to find.

With this aerial view one can begin to see the outline of the rock wall enclosing the Estes Cemetery.

This expanded aerial view shows clearly the rock wall facing east with the Foster Lane on our left out of the view. Judy Forgos 1st spotted this cemetery using Maury County Tax Maps and pointed it out to me. I have now confirmed this location at the appropriate latitude and longitude marked above.

Maps from Topozone, MS Terra & Bing Maps modified for this site by C. Wayne Austin 11 Aug 2009. Modified for a 29 Sep on-site visit of this cemetery on 26 May 2010.