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The Erwin home
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ERWIN, Martin Phifer, 13 Mar 1813 - 25 Sep 1872.  (b. in Burke Co. N.C., d. Maury Co. Tn.)

ERWIN, L. A., 10 Dec 1822 - 19 Mar 1866. "Wife of M. P. Erwin."  (Nee: Louisa Ann Blackman; Ref: Patricia Kemper.)

ERWIN, Elizabeth King,
29 Jan 1853 - 19 Jun 1863. "Dau. of M. P. & L. A. Erwin."

ERWIN, George Martin,
13 Feb 1860 - 5 Jun 1863. "Son of M. P. & L. A. Erwin."

ERWIN, Jane Minerva,
15 Mar 1819 - 9 Apr 1851. "Wife of M. P. Erwin & Daughter of James & Catherine Huie." (Birth year was corrected to 1819 by the original inscriber.)

12 Feb 1987 commentary: This is one of the cemeteries that has been destroyed. Only a pile of stones remains. The massive monument that marked the grave of Martin P. Erwin is turned face downward and other stones are beneath it or piled around it. This listing is from They Passed This Way. [F.L.H.]
24 Mar 2009 commentary: This cemetery must have been restored by someone since then. I found the large monument standing and a wrought iron fence with no gate around the graves. [W.A.]

Also published in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins, Jr. Page 660; he visited there 12 Feb 1987; and "They Passed This Way" page B-4, about 1967. Added to this site by Wayne Austin 3 Apr 2009 based on photos & visit made 24 Mar 2009.