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The GPS coordinates of the English Cemetery are N 35.61504 X W -87.19953 as calculated by C. Wayne Austin 17 Jun 2017 using ACME Mapper 2.1 Maps.

Located on Highway 50 One mile east of Cross Bridges, south of Hwy #50 into a private drive. With permission follow the farm road back and cross Beard Creek. Go about 200 yards past the creek and then go east (left) out into a field and the cemetery is in a round thicket in the northeast corner of the open field. I do not know for sure this is the site of the English Cemetery. There is a slave graveyard nearby that has no marked stones which could be confusing the issue. The site Topozone that presented this cemetery plotted it in the midst of that large field somewhere. That did not make sense.

Maps from Topozone ACME Mapper 2.1 and MS Terra modified by Wayne Austin, 21 Oct 2008. Though on my to do list I have yet to visit this place but believe to the best of my knowledge this cemetery to be located as I have it placed. I make no guarantees. I have not visited here because the time I went there to visit vicious dogs met me at the gate to the owners house. C. Wayne Austin 21 Oct 2008. Revised 17 Jun 2017