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    Looking at the Ebenezer Community Church and across the cemetery to the left. This is a Church and Cemetery cared for with much community pride. You can see it in the neat appearance. By Wayne Austin 05/7/2004.

This view is looking across the cemetery behind the Ebenezer Church sign. This cemetery is divided into three sections. Nearest to the church is the newer section that is as you can see is well-maintained. The upper left section is the older one for early families and part of that lies in the trees with fallen stones. Across the ravine behind the first line of trees on the left past the older section is a well maintained section in use by black families of the community. In the olden days different families picked their own sections of the grounds for their families burial area without much consideration for orderly rows and from there the cemetery just grew and came together loosely. That is always the reason for the sprawl here and in all older burial grounds. Well, perfect rows are boring anyway.
There are dozens of graves marked here with fieldstones and several marked with undertaker's markers with faded inscriptions. [WA 5-7-04].

This is a closer view of the cemetery. There are actually graves far up the hill which represent the older section. It was first used in the mid 1800s and later. Across the line of trees on the left is a small community Black Cemetery which I am unaware of the name.

This is a great view from the older section looking down on the newer section & church.