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Area Photos of the cemetery (9 Nov 2005)         Mapping the location  Area Photos 21 Mar 2010: 051/052/053

CRAIG, Infant of John S. & Lula Derryberry Craig, B & D. 1907. [Note: Not sure if grave has a marker, 20 Aug 2010 F.Bradford]
DAVIS, Brownie Mae, B. & D. 1911, Infant of John Barkley & Hattie Ora Brown Davis.***
DAVIS, Infant of John Barkley & Hattie Ora Brown Davis, B. & D. 1912.***

DERRYBERRY, James Liggett, 29 Mar 1815 - 12 Mar 1908. (Son, Daniel & Katie Long Derryberry.)* 035
DERRYBERRY, Sarah A. (Hardison), 27 May 1818 - 12 Dec 1890. "Wife of J. L. Derryberry." (Daughter of William & Mary Hardison)  046
DERRYBERRY, Robert J., 18 Feb 1850 - 6 Dec 1906. (Son J. L. & Sarah A. Derryberry) 050
DERRYBERRY, Sinie A., 1855 - 1933. (Wife of Robert J. Derryberry) 038
DERRYBERRY, Joe M. (Marshall), 17 Sep 1857 - 7 Mar 1951. Joe Derryberry Home, 043
DERRYBERRY, M. A. (Martha A "Mattie"), 12 Mar 1860 - 31 Jul 1933. (Wife of Joe Marshall Derryberry; daughter of John P. Huckaby and Martha M. Williams) 042
DERRYBERRY, William J., 29 Jul 1848 - 22 Apr 1901. (Son J. L. & Sarah A. Hardison Derryberry) 047/048/049
, 1877 - 1965. (Husband of Jennie A.;
son of Charles W. & Mary  E. Hinson Derryberry; Mary E. was a sister to John S. Hinson buried here) 022
DERRYBERRY, Jennie A. (Virginia Brown), 2 Jun 1883 - 30 Jun 1931. (Wife of William T.; daughter of Jessie and Margaret Hargrove Brown).  024
DERRYBERRY, Nettie R., 15 Apr 1901 - 6 Jan 1973. ( 2nd wife of William T. Derryberry, daughter of William E. & Martha Rummage Hargrove). 021
DERRYBERRY, fieldstone marking grave (unknown). 
DERRYBERRY, Charles W., widower, 24 Jan 1846 - 8 Feb 1925; son of James L. Derryberry & Sallie Hardison, Maury County native. **
HINSON, J. (John) S., 8 Oct 1841 - 21 Aug 1915. 030/031/032
HINSON, Mary S. (Susan Derryberry), 1 Dec 1843 - 12 Aug 1929. (daughter of J. L. and Sarah Ann Hardison Derryberry, wife of John S. Hinson.) 033/034
HUCKABY, Twins (of Billy and Lula (Derryberry) (Craig) Huckaby), B. & D. 1915. 039

Fieldstone marked graves
found by Faye Bradford 21 Mar 2010: 023/025/026/027/028/029/040/041

***Note: Markers for the Davis infants were placed by James Harold and Mary Ruth Brown Parrish. These two markers were not found on last visit to photograph this cemetery. Will try to locate and uncover these markers during cold weather when the underbrush is down somewhat. This information received by Faye Bradford through phone conversation with James Harold Parrish 18 Aug, 2010.
**Persons believed to be buried here in past years but no record can be found in the cemetery except for maybe field stones.
*see article in Daily Herald 14 Mar 1908 or Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, page 21 for more information on James L. Derryberry

Mr. Fred Hawkin's commentary - 1986: There are also 8 - 10 graves with fieldstone markers. The cemetery is fenced, with a padlocked gate.
Wayne Austin's commentary - 2005: The chain link fence is still in good shape, but the cemetery was so grown up in bushes & weeds and the stones were difficult to find and photograph.

Please E-mail Faye Bradford at if you have further information about the interments in this cemetery.

Listed in the book: They Passed This Way by Marise P. Lightfoot & Evelyn B. Shackelford, page C-30, 12/1/1963.
Listed in the book: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, 8 Mar 1986 by Fred L. and his wife Mariruth Hawkins
Visited again: Based on a visit and photography dated 29 Nov 2005 by Wayne Austin listed here during  7 Sep 2006.
Updated again: Faye Bradford updated the photos 21 Mar 2010. Those photos are posted at the end of each listing as a photo number. Posted 15 Apr 2010.