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This photo was made in the Kettle (Kettle Mills) beside George Kennedy's store. In front Alice Kennedy (George's dau.), James Porter Delk (Howard's son), John A Delk (John G's son). In the back is Sarah Rachel Anderson (married an Anderson, still lives near Shady Grove, I believe a Daughter of Rosco and Alma Farris Anderson), Jake Delk (son of Dan), ______?, Mary Elizabeth Delk (dau. of John G., sister to Joe and John A.)
Mary Elizabeth was John G. Delk's daughter who married L.D. Hill. Mary Alice Whiteside married John A. Delk (pictured here) and became Mary Alice Delk. One can judge the date of this picture from the knowledge that James Porter Delk was born in 1921, John A. and Jack in 1922, Rachel Anderson was born in 1919 or so, Mary Elizabeth was born in 1924. This must have been 1938 or 39. In Kettle Mills and where the bridge over the river now is, the older bridge was just to the right of the current one (headed from Hampshire toward Williamsport), the grist mill and dam were below --down river from-- the old bridge. The store was in front of the mill. The road then followed along the Kettle Branch just in front of what is now Jimmy Morrow's house and far below the old Ralph Kennedy house (White one with a full front porch); when the road then came to the mill it turned to the right and then bent slightly to the left between the store building and George Lovell's house and then ran just a little ways up toward the old bridge before turning 90 degrees onto the old bridge at the Greenfield Bend side and toward Williamsport.
This copy of the photos & information given here are the property of James V. Delk and used with his permission. 2 Dec 2008.