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The Delk Cemetery is located on the ledge above the north bank of the Duck River as shown on this map.
Map from Topozone modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 25 Nov 2008.

From Columbia go out Williamsport Pike (Hwy 50) just beyond Williamsport turn left (south) on Greenfield Bend road. Go about 4 miles staying on Greenfield Bend Rd., and, after you pass the Morrow Rd on your right, turn left (south) onto the Delk Dr. Road. Almost immediately make another turn left into the 1st farm house road. This road terminates at the farm house but the Cemetery will be found 200 yards to the right or (Southwest) down the Duck River bank from the house. It can be seen on the map below in the field just northwest of the Duck River. 
Map from MS Streets & Trips 2004 version.

This cemetery is pegged as the streaky spot upon the ledge of the Duck River Bank. There may be an unimproved road going by the cemetery as that appears to be the case in the above aerial view. If there is a clearly marked road publicly marked as serving the cemetery no advance permission will be required.
These directions are based on mapping analysis and are not guaranteed to work.

Map from MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 26 Nov 2008.