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From Mt. Pleasant take Southport Road east toward Porter's Chapel and go one mile out of town. Look to your left (north) out in a cow pasture. The cemetery is on top of a large mound left by phosphate mining operations. It is marked by a grove of trees and a fallen rock wall. It was on the Ray Floyd place in 1987.

Locator Map of the cemetery 

Area photos, by Wayne Austin

DAWSON, John, Senr., 17 Oct 1786 - 25 Nov 1843. 57-01-08. (Top of box tomb, now broken. Symbols of Masonic origin present.),(There is a base of a box tomb beside the John Dawson memorial but the top is gone or inverted.) 
DAWSON, Martha G., wife of John Dawson, Sr., 16 May 1797 - 13 Jan 1876. (John Dawson to Patsey G. Hunter on 18 Oct 1814 In Warren Co., N.C.
DAWSON, John, Jr., 14 Mar 1817 - 11 Oct 1876. 
DAWSON, H. A., 10 Dec 1818 - 27 Jul 1894. Mason. (Footstone: R. H. A. D. Shaft fallen, too large to turn over, so I could not photograph the memorial.
DAWSON, Helen E., 28 Jun 1844 - 18 Feb 1879. "Wife of H. A. Dawson." (Shaft broken.) 
DAWSON, William Leonidas, Sr., 28 Oct 1820 - 18 Sep 1844. 23-10-20. (Top of box tomb.) I did not see this tomb, but due to the difficulty of sorting out the different broken rocks it is probably there somewhere. 

Listed in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", 19 Feb 1987, by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 773.
Listed in "They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot, page A-59.)

For further information see the book "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries".

Photographed & Transcribed by Wayne Austin 03 Apr 2008 on a stormy rainy Thursday with the a herd of cows peacefully standing around observing from outside the rock wall. I had a talk with them about staying a safe distance from me. They don't talk back and unlike people they appear to listen too. Ha!