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       Large mound characterizes this cemetery. Above photo made from the road with a zoom lenses.

The once Rock wall around this cemetery is no more. It would be very difficult to do a comprehensive survey of this cemetery due to the random scattering of the stones that were memorial in nature compared to the stones used for the rock wall. There are large gapping pits (graves) of danger. The stones are sliding into the holes and being slowly covered over time. There are no remaining complete memorials here. Only fragments and broken pieces of memorials scattered all around the cemetery area.

Restoration of this cemetery is still possible but it would be a challenge. Mr. Fred Hawkins did not mention the degraded condition of this cemetery in 1987 indicating most of the damage has occurred since. Visited on a rainy day and all the mosses and lichens have swelled and made the stones green and very slippery. 

Photos & Information by
Wayne Austin 03 Apr 2008.