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use your scroll bars to view the right most areas of the cemetery.

While searching for the Davidson Cemetery I was standing on the Newcut road and I spotted the area on the map where the cemetery is supposed to be. I had it pegged as on the right side of the third TVA tower out from the road following the TVA Transmission lines northeast. I was willing to hike the 3/4 mile it would take from the road where I was located if the walking was easy. However, standing on Newcut Road south east of the cemetery I could not see the third TVA Steel tower out from me since it was on the descending side of a hill. After noting the road circled the place of interest I drove on eastward trying to determine a better point of access. When I had traveled about 250 degrees in a full circle or about a mile further I noted a public sign "Davidson Cemetery" pointing into a road where the Cemetery was located. It also seemed to be the driveway of a couple of houses. When I drove about a mile into the place and passed all the houses I came to a place to park under the TVA Power Lines and got out and noticed the cemetery about 500 yards out to the east from me down in a clearing in the woods. 
The road above that appears to go around the Cemetery is called Newcut road on the Delorme Maps.

Information by
Wayne Austin 11/24/2007. Map from TOPOZONE mapping service modified for this site.