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In Groveland, or Hill Station, go east on Groveland Ridge Rd. to a place where the T.V.A. transmission line crosses the road; turn right on local access road and go 1/4 mile to cemetery. (It was  on the James Wiley Davidson place in 1986.)

Locator Map of the cemetery 

Area photo, by Wayne Austin

COCKRILL, Mary V., 31 May 1841 - 17 Jun 1865. Mother. (dau. John Kirk; mar. Marion McDonald Cockrill 23 Mar 1859, died at same time as infant W. N. Cockrill)
COCKRILL, W. N., 22 Jul 1864 - 17 Jun 1865. Sweet babe.
COCKRILL, Marion McDonald, b. 30 Jun 1837 - death not known, (Son Ben L. & Mary Brown Cockrill; Co. G., 9th Tenn Cav., Confederates States of America; moved to Arkansas after the end of the Civil War.)
DAVIDSON, James C., (9 Aug) 1842 - (24 Feb) 1928. (Son of John & Martha Davis Davidson; Mar. 1st, Fannie Crunk & 2nd, Fannie Wier.)
DAVIDSON, Sarah F., (28 Jan) 1849 - (23 Jul) 1919. (Daughter of E. H. Maurice of Marshall Co.)
DAVIDSON, Robert P., 1852 - 1937.
DAVIDSON, George Madison, 13 Jun 1887 - 14 Jul 1947. (Son of James C. & Sarah F. Davidson.)
DAVIDSON, Hattie Ray (Worley), 25 Apr 1889 - 29 Sep 1932. (wife George M. Davidson.)
DAVIDSON, John, no dates known. Father of James C. (no stone found)
DAVIDSON, Raymond, bur. ca. 1907. (no stone found)
DAVIDSON, Leman Lee, 3 Apr - 10 Apr 1916. Son G. M. & Hattie Worley Davidson. (no stone found)
DAVIDSON, Annie Margaret, 21 Jul 1922 - 18 Mar 1923. (Dau. Geo M. & Hattie Worley Davidson. Died in house fire.) (no stone found)
DAVIDSON, Ben Coleman, b. 14 Jun 1929, d. 22 Jul 1931; son of George M. & Hattie Worley Davidson. (unmarked grave)
DAVIDSON, James Alton, Infant son Andrew Davidson, 1938. (unmarked grave)
DAVIDSON, James Wiley, 30 Mar 1915 - 4 Aug 1994.
DAVIDSON, Cynthia Lee, 6 Mar 1916 - 23 Aug 1989. (wife of James Wiley Davidson)
DAVIDSON, Velma W., 8 May 1927 - 16 Jun 1996.
HEARLD, Gus, d. ca. 1980. (husband of Ethel Davidson Larue Hearld, no gravestone found)
HEARLD, Ethel D.(Davidson LaRue), 1886 - 1945, (wife of Gus Hearld), (Undertakers Marker)
FREELAND, Joanna, d. 22 Nov 1843. "Wife of Jos. K. Freeland.'
KIRK/(KIRKS), John G.(Gregg), d. 15 Dec 1879. Aged 80 yrs.
KIRK/(KIRKS), Martha (Shores Westmoreland), 23 Oct 1809 - 16 Jun 1849. (39-07-24.) (Stone signed: Wm. Shirley, Col.)
KIRK, Samuel M., 5 Mar 1871 - 18 Apr 1880. (09-01-13.)
LaRUE, Clarence R., 12 Dec 1901 - 30 Jul 1952.
LaRUE, Gina Charlene, 23 Aug 1967 - 18 Nov 1990.
LaRUE, Gina C., died 13 May 1964. (infant child of Ernest & Thelma LaRue.)
LaRUE, Ludie I., died 10 Apr 1966. (infant child of Ernest & Thelma LaRue.)
McFALL, John, Esq., 22 Apr 1753 - 31 Jul 1826. 74 yrs. of age, "A soldier of the Old Revolutionary War"
McFALL, Martha, consort of John McFall, d. 28 Jan 1848. 89 yrs. of age.
MOSER, Sarah M., 21 Sep 1857 - 30 Jan 1916. (b. in N.C.;Dau. Frank Page of N.C.)
PAGE, Lucelta, 1 Jul 1831 - no death date. (sister of Perlina Spurinhower)
SPURINHOWER, Perlina, 28 Mar 1825 - 2 Dec 1914. (sister of Lucelta Page)
Unknown Fieldstone marking a grave in the old section.

While searching for the Davidson Cemetery I spotted the area on the map where it is supposed to be. I had it pegged as on the right side of the third TVA tower out from the road following the TVA Transmission lines. I was willing to hike the 3/4 mile it would take from the road where I was located if the walking was easy. However, standing south east of the cemetery I could not see the third TVA Steel tower out from me since it was on the descending side of the hill. After noting the road circled the place of interest I drove on trying to determine a better point of access. When I had traveled about 250 degrees in a full circle or about a mile further I noted a public sign "Davidson Cemetery" pointing into a road near where the Davidson Cemetery was located. The road also seemed to be the driveway of a couple of houses. When I drove about a mile into the place and passed all the houses I came to a place to park under the TVA Power Lines and got out and noticed the cemetery about 500 yards out from me down in a clearing in the woods. I strode off to the place with my camera and gear. Just about 50 feet from the cemetery I heard a voice. Someone said: "Can I help you?" I turned to stare at a deer hunter with an automatic rifle pointing straight up into the air. He was perched high up in a tree on a deer stand. I kept my direction toward the cemetery and mumbled that I was interested in photographing the Davidson Cemetery. He responded; "Are you kin to the Davidson's?" No I replied I am a cemetery researcher. He got down from the Deer stand and as he came toward me I mentioned that I was sorry I messed up his deer hunting. He replied that it was OK since it was near enough toward the end of the day. There was probably not much chance of getting a kill anyway. The conversation with the young man turned casual which uncovered his name as Joe Dugger of Culleoka. I judged him to be about 20 years old. He had a shock of bushy Blond hair and a stark resemblance to Bo Duke in the kids TV show "Dukes of Hazard." He said his family owns the land around there and watches over the cemetery and had placed the road sign there a couple of years ago and that they occasionally cleaned up the cemetery. 
After coming into the cemetery and noting several fallen stones we set about standing them up. Joe talked incessantly as I photographed the cemetery. We discussed the genealogy and family history of the area. With a prevalent surname such as Dugger his ancestors no doubt crossed the path's of mine many times. I recall many the old conversations my Mom and Dad had in the 1950/1960/1970 era and the Dugger surname was often mentioned. Never did I hear anything but good memories about them. As this was the last cemetery of the day we bid adieu and off to Alabama I went.

Listed in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", 13 Mar 1987, by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 438.
Listed in "They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot, page O-169.)

For further information see the book "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries".

Transcribed by Wayne Austin 11/23/2007. Photographed 12/27/2006.