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From Columbia go south on Mooresville Pike to Buck Daniels Road. Turn left there and go about 1/4 mile to the lane (1st turn off right in 2008) of the Kenny place. Travel up that lane to the home and ask for the cemetery. The cemetery is in Mr. & Mrs. Kenny's yard on the hill just behind the house. You must have permission to go there, but they are congenial folks. Mr. Kenney can tell you some of the history of the cemetery.

Map Location of Cemetery

Area Photos

+ Believed to be interred here in an unmarked grave.

DANIEL, Capt. W., 26 Aug 1774 - 19 (or 12) Sep 1826, aged 52 years. (William Daniel, War of 1812.)
DANIEL, Mary, 4 Jun 1781 - 30 Jun 1847. (66-00-26.) (nee Mary Kirk, daughter of Isaac Kirk; wife Capt. William Daniel.)
DANIEL, Isaac K. W., 28 Mar 1802 - 20 Feb 1849. (Son Wm. & Mary Kirk Daniel.)
DANIEL, Dr. M. G., 28 Dec 1803 - 27 Apr 1827. Age 23 yrs. (Son Wm. & Mary Kirk Daniel.)
DANIEL, Franklin O., 4 May 1821 - 22 Jul 1896. (75-1-18.) (Son Wm. & Mary Kirk Daniel.)
DANIEL, Harriet Frances, 13 Jun 1841 - 27 Mar 1922. (80-09-13, Mother, nee Holland.)
DANIEL, Perry Cromwell, 14 Oct 1860 - 20 Mar 1882. (21-05-06.)
DANIEL, John William Padgett (Buck), 1859 - 1934. Brother.
DANIEL, Franklin Owen, Jr., 23 Apr 1867 - 6 Jun 1926. (59-01-13.) (Son F. O. & Harriet Holland Daniel.)
DANIEL, Hattie Mae Manerva, 25 Feb 1876 - 3 Oct 1928. (52-07-13; daughter of Franklin O. & Harriet Holland Daniel.)
HARRIS, C. N., 1 Aug 1808 - .... Apr ......
SMITH, E. K., 8 Dec 1818 - 15 Jun 185_. (Top of box tomb, broken.)
+SMITH, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, (Dates not known, born about 1814 & died 1865 at the hands of a gunman.)
THEOBALD, William B., 10 Nov 1797 - 26 Sep 1844. (Top of Box tomb, broken.)
WHITE, Martha A., 22 Sep 1825 - 12 Jan 1846. "Wife Allen White; daughter of W. & M. Daniel."
+DANIEL, Elwood born circa 1862 died 4 Jul 1939, Brother of J. W. P. Daniel, son of Owen & Harriet Daniel. 

Writings From: Jack Dugger, born 1918:

My great grandfather was Dr. Benjamin Franklin Smith who practiced in Giles County at Waco/Lynnville. A fellow named Matthews has recently purchased his old home/office at Waco and is trying to get it on the National Register. He, as well as some lady whom he has hired to get this done, have contacted me several times for information on the old house. During my lifetime, I have passed by the old house many times but really know very little about it. In fact, we have never been able to trace his lineage beyond Waco. The Historical Society of Giles County tells me that he was reported to have come to Tennessee from South Carolina and some siblings came with him. Nobody has been able to identify his siblings although there are a number of Smith families in that area. I do know that he was married three times and had children by all three wives. The tradition is that he was shot by Union Soldiers when they were raiding his henhouse at night. My mother always doubted that. She thought that a neighbor shot him because he had been too familiar with his wife.**  We know he died at age 51. The historical Association only says that he was murdered at age 51. Supposedly he was buried in the old Daniels Cemetery off of the Moorseville Pike in an unmarked boxtomb. There is an unmarked slab next to his first wife's grave which is clearly marked and has the same type of slab over it. Jack Dugger. Information dated April 21, 2006.

(Often fabricated stories were used in the military courts to cover up a Civil War related Killings [WA 2/4/2008])

Sources of this information is "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", by Fred Lee Hawkins published in 1986; They Passed This Way, by Marise Lightfoot and Evelyn B. Shakleford. The directions came from GNIS Topographical maps dated about 1955 supplemented by analysis from this transcriber. 
Revised and updated by Wayne Austin. For more information see the book Cemeteries of Maury County Tennessee.