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This clump of trees in the center of the photo high above other surroundings is where the Daimwood Cemetery resides. 

This photo was made by pointing the camera northeast. It shows many of the memorials in their fallen condition. The stones that are more prone to falling are the 1880 - 1900 memorials because they have large bases and stack up and are easily toppled as they become unbalanced. The older stones have bases that are set deep into the ground and that keeps them standing.

Panning the camera right a bit we get this photo. Someone tried to kill the invasive trees by cutting the bark away in ring fashion. As you can see that did not work. Many of the trees survived and are flourishing.

This photo is made looking southeast. Here we hardly can recognize this as a cemetery. It is a mix of fallen & upright headstones scattered about, footstones some fallen but about all of them displaced, weeds, rotten logs, trees some large some small, 4" thick decaying leaves, and rotting stumps. Some famous old politician said "Show me the condition of your cemeteries and I will show you the condition of your peoples spirit" Well here is evidence that we must be pretty rotten folks because of the way we have treated this historic place. I can tell you this cemetery is no exception anywhere rural cemeteries exist you will see this level of neglect. Well maybe the grownups are so busy making a living we don't have time but I say mobilize the youth and use some of that summertime wasted energy and at the same time help them grow strong bodies doing some outdoor manual labor.

Photographed 13 Feb 2009. Transcribed and published here by Wayne Austin 1 Feb 2009
Parenthetical data from MCTC.