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1987 Instructions by Fred Hawkins: Go east on Hwy. 99 (Bear Creek Pike) for two miles. Just beyond Auction Barn, turn south. Ford creek and follow the lane to old house. Cemetery is about 1/3 mile to the east of house, across creek, two tall fences and a field. 
2009 Instruction update: The old house I don't believe stands anymore though the forest obscured my view and I am uncertain of that. I found this cemetery using GPS and cannot describe any particular landmarks on Bear Creek Pike that would help. There are two driveways beside one another and both go across the creek on a bridge. Take the east driveway and you will cross the creek on a narrow concrete bridge and wind your way up the hill bending eastward a bit to an old gentleman's home. I did not get his name only his permission. His house is about 400 yards due north of the cemetery. There were a couple of friendly donkeys there that entertained me on the walk from my car at the old barn nearly to the cemetery.

Locator Map of the cemetery 

Area Views of the Cemetery

ASHTON, Marshall, 6 Mar 1853 - 11 Jul 1854. "Son of J. H. & J. A. Marshall."
20 Aug 1850 - 29 Jul 1851. "Inf. dau. of James H. & Julia A. Ashton."
BUTLER, Thompson D.,
3 Dec 1818 - 5 Oct 1840. 22 years.
BUTLER, Francis "Frank",
6 Mar 1812 - 22 Mar 1850, "Mason". (Tall monument tumbled, inscription on side but some of it in mud.)
BUTLER, Angy Pocahontas,
4 Dec 1846 - 16 May 1848. 1-5-12. "Dau. F. & A. J. Butler."
CALDWELL, William A.,
12 mar 1839 - 17 Jan 1920. "Father" (Son of Benjamin & Mariah Kirby Caldwell; Co. K, 48th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A.)
15 Nov 1843 - 19 Nov 1916. "Mother" (Dau. of Henry & Jane Gullett Daimwood.)
CALDWELL, Richard A.,
2 Jan 1876 - 14 Aug 1913. (Son of Wm. A. & Belle D. Caldwell.)
CALDWELL, May Maude,
29 Feb 1884 - 16 Dec 1911. (Dau. of Wm. A. & Belle D. Caldwell.)
born about 1784 - death unknown, (pioneer, interred nearer the old house in unmarked graves. That is somewhere north of this graveyard about 400 yards.)
*DAIMWOOD, Elizabeth,  (17 Dec 1791 - 8 Oct 1844) (wife of Jacob, pioneer, interred nearer the old house in unmarked grave beside her mate. That is somewhere north of this graveyard about 400 yards. Note: Elizabeth Franks Daimwood (17 Dec 1791 - 8 Oct 1844) d/o Robert and Hanah Boone Franks, (Hannah was a d/o Samuel Boone Sr. and Sarah Day Boone and niece of (famous) Daniel Boone; in e-mail to Mary Bob from Janet de la Pena
DAIMWOOD, H.B., (Henry Boone)
27 Dec 1814 - 5 Dec 1889. (Son of Jacob & Elizabeth Frank Daimwood; Grandfather, Mr. Harry A. Daimwood; Squire.)
DAIMWOOD, E.(Elizabeth) J.,
16 Dec 1820 - 26 Dec 1890. "Wife H. B." (nee Eliza Jane Gullett.)
DAIMWOOD, Elizabeth,
14 Sep 1854 - 25 Oct 1884. "Daughter of H. B. & E. J. Daimwood."
DAIMWOOD, S. (Sam) W.,
31 Dec 1840 - 28 Mar 1926. (Sam W. Daimwood son of Henry Boone and Eliza J. Daimwood; Veteran C.S.A., Co. G, 24th Inf., (Duck River Rifles) and Co. K., 3rd Inf.; mar. Annie Burton.)
DAIMWOOD, Annie Burton,
4 Feb 1849 - 19 Feb 1926. (wife of Sam W. Daimwood.)
DAIMWOOD, George G.,
1 Aug 1842 - 17 Jan 1929. "Father." (Son of Henry B. & Eliza J.: Co. G, 24th Tenn Inf., C.S.A.)
DAIMWOOD, Lavinia T.,
9 Feb 1840 - 10 Mar 1928. "Mother." (Dau. Anderson & Lety Cathy Tindell.)
DAIMWOOD, Henry Burton,
1854 - 1894. (same stone as Samuel C. Daimwood, possibly Henry Burton.)
27 Jan 1870 - 27 Jul 1893.
DAIMWOOD, Samuel C.,
20 Jun 1894 - 27 Oct 1895.
14 Feb 1857 - 29 Jan 1906. (Son Henry Boone & Eliza J. Daimwood.)
DAIMWOOD, Theresa "Rissie" Haley,
7 Dec 1859 - 25 Nov 1918. "Wife of John N. Daimwood." (Daughter of H. V. & F. T. Haley.) 
DAIMWOOD, Hettie Elise,
5 May 1889 - 26 Jun 1906. "Dau. of J. N. & R. Daimwood."
HINKLE, Hermon,
10 Sep 1900 - 9 Nov 1900. "Son A. C. & M. L. Hinkle."
HOLLY, Ruth Angeline,
18 Oct 1853 - 4 Aug 1893.
1 Jun 1879 - 18 Sep 1917.
HOLLY, Imogene C.,
9 Feb 1881 - 16 Feb 1909. "Wife of R. H. Holly"
HOLLY, Charlotte,
3 Feb 1906 - 22 May 1906. "Inf. of R. H. & I. C. Holly."
MARSHALL, Minnie Pearl,
13 Nov 1894 - 14 Jul 1896. "Daughter of J. R. & M. A. Marshall."
9 Jan 1898 - 11 Jan 1898. "Daughter of J. R. & M. A. Marshall."

, one of many fieldstones that mark graves here.
Unknown, one of many fieldstones that mark graves here.

Indications of the presence of a historic graveyard.

*Believed to be interred near herein a now unrecognizable graveyard

1987 Commentery cemetery condition: 
There are several other graves marked by fieldstones. Most if the tombstones have been tumbled, some buried under the leaves and humus. This was once a very imposing cemetery, without a doubt, and stood beside a well-worn roadway that led in the direction of the ford across Bear Creek.
2009. No major changes, just stones that were sinking further out of sight and one stone the Elizabeth Daimwood, 1854 - 1884 memorial was broken so that the name is now incomplete. A one strand barb wire fence was put in place since 1987 and still not showing any signs of rust.

Historical information printed in "They Passed This way", and, in Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries" and now here:
"When the compilers of They Passed This Way listed this cemetery in 1962, they were accompanied by 83 year old Mr. Harry A. Daimwood, grandson of Henry Boone Daimwood. He told them that the pioneers of the Daimwood clan, Jacob & Elizabeth, were interred near the old family house but that their graves are unmarked. He also said that family tradition always held that the mother of Jacob Daimwood was a sister of Daniel Boone." See "They Passed This way"  page C-52 for information taken from the Daimwood Family Record.

Listing published in these books:
"Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", 5 Jan 1987 (a lovely winter day, he says), by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 98.
"They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot, page C-52. There is more information in "They Passed This Way about the Daimwood family."
Photographed 13 Jan 2009, Transcribed and published here by Wayne Austin 3 Feb 2009.