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The H. B. (Henry Boone) Daimwood husband of Elizabeth J. Daimwood memorial. It was buried under three inches of soil and I did not have my shovel so I used the cedar log shown here to dig and pry it up. Whew! As you can see I had nothing to clean it with either. Hey, I am a photographer not an archeologist or an anthropologist. HA!

This muddy section has D_ _ _ Dec 5 1_ _ _

This part has: "H.B. DAIMWOOD. Born _ec 27 1814. Died _889" 
All together it says H. B. DAIMWOOD, Born Dec 27, 1814. Died Dec 5, 1889.

DAIMWOOD, H. B., (Henry Boone), 27 Dec 1814 - 5 Dec 1889. (Son of Jacob & Elizabeth Frank Daimwood; Grandfather, Mr. Harry A. Daimwood; Squire.)
Photographed 13 Feb 2009. Transcribed and published here by Wayne Austin 1 Feb 2009
Parenthetical data from MCTC.