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Sam C Daimwood on the same stone with Henry Burton Daimwood. One uses the D on the end of the initials and Henry's footstone just has H.B. Hmmm! I wonder if Henry is not a Daimwood, but the brother of Annie Burton Daimwood, wife of Sam W. Daimwood??

Footstone with initials H.B. 

Henry Burton Daimwood memorial fallen from its base. 
This is on the opposite side on the same stone with Samuel C. Daimwood. (I left it face up)

DAIMWOOD, Henry Burton, 1854 - 1894.

There is no mention of the surname Daimwood in the main inscription here. I am assuming that the stone was inscribed on the base as DAIMWOOD and I failed to notice that. Right or wrong previous researchers assumed the same. There is evidence shown above that this may be just the name Henry Burton. Annie Burton Daimwood, wife of Sam. W. Daimwood may have been this guy's sister. Notice the footstone above with the initials H. B. and the other footstone above with the initial S.C.D. 
Photographed 13 Feb 2009. Transcribed and published here by Wayne Austin 1 Feb 2009