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The largest monument in the cemetery lies tumbled to the southwest. The base is furtherest on the left followed by the shaft and next the top ornaments.

Inscription: "FRANCIS BUTLER | Born | Mar 6 1812 | Died | March 22, 1850 |"

This is the best take I can offer for getting the year dates correctly. The only thing visible to me was the gray part. The rest was buried under the soil and I had no digging equipment. I believe I have it right so he was born 1812 and died during 1850. It is possible the death date is 1859, 1856 or maybe even 1860 though. No researcher has published this date before as this stone was lying face down.

BUTLER, Francis "Frank", 4 Mar 1812 - 22 Mar 1850, "Mason", (Tall monument tumbled, inscription on side but some of it in mud.)
Photographed 13 Feb 2009. Transcribed and published here by Wayne Austin 1 Feb 2009