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As the blue lettering indicates the Crosby-Harris Cemetery is not as placed on Geological Survey mapping. It is actually where the red check is located on the right much nearer the antebellum house shown as a black dot on this map. That means the GPS detail is incorrect above. I calculate the GPS about: 35.69685 degrees North and 87.20651 degrees West.
Map from Topozone modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 20 Jun 2009.

This map shows where all the roads are located that will take you to the Crosby-Harris cemetery. The cemetery is shown at the end of the blue pointer and not the red dot. It it possible there is a Crosby Cemetery upon that big hill as marked with the red dot but no researcher has ever reported it.

From Williamsport, cross the Duck River to Fikes Mill and turn back east toward Santa Fe on (Hwy 247) Snow Creek Road. Go one mile to Mrs. Knott's place on north side of road. The cemetery is in a field just west of the house around and inside a tree lined rock wall.
On the above aerial map this cemetery can be found in the clump of trees. The cemetery is partly inside (Harris section) a rock wall with the Crosby graves and others being outside. The yellow pointer indicates the place. A private residence is located southeast of the cemetery and the gentleman there is the current land owner.
Map from MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 7 Dec 2008.