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The historic Cooper Home. 
I think the old TV antenna seen here can tell us city dwellers something about a long life. Get up and turn off the TV and bask in the peace and quiet. Also grow yourself a garden and get busy including other physical endeavors for a long life span. In my life I have become infinitely familiar with 5 generations and the first of those (1880-1970) had the longest life span. The next generation (1915-2000) did OK, but not as long as the 1st. The 3rd generation (1935-2000) so far is not faring as well as the 2nd, and from the overweight condition of the 5th it could even get worse. Now what is that telling us considering the first mentioned generation had severe physical hardships and sweating was common.

This view shows the stones from the side where the inscription is visible. The stone closest and most visible here is the progenitor Jonathan Cooper. The old Disc Harrier in the background on our right became unavoidably the most photographic relic in this whole session. The Tennessee hills in the distance are also a treat to see.