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Go out Bear Creek Pike (Hwy 412/99 to Cranford Hollow Road and turn right. After you pass Cothran Rd on the right go to the third driveway and with permission turn into the old Cooper farm lane toward the farm & home Jonathan Cooper founded. The cemetery is behind the house & barn. Precisely about 50 yards southeast from the house.

This topographical map shows the cemetery S.E. of & very near the house.

This overall aerial view shows the roads and the white [+] where the cemetery is located. That is really just across a fence beside the
garden spot.

This is a closer look of the private historical assets (except the cemetery) that include this place. I may have the cemetery pegged here about 15 yards south or north of where it is actually located. It was beside the large rectangular garden spot but across the fence 5 feet on the east side. With permission the best way to visit this cemetery now is to park before the residential road branches into the loop and enter the gate there and walk east 100 yards and then south 100 yards along the fence row and he cemetery is along that fence row. That way one never disturbs a fence or the bad dog present there is not aroused
from so closely. He was on a strong lease that day but no promises on that since I don't keep up with that. 
Information by Wayne Austin 9 Aug 2008. Maps from MS Streets, Topozone & Mapquest mapping services modified for this site.