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This map shows the GPS coordinates where the cemetery can be found. The Coordinates are an estimate of the actual position using MS Streets & Trips Below. the Cemetery is marked with a red check and highlighted in yellow and surrounded by the Phosphate mining waste land though much of it has been cleaned up.

This Road map shows the foad will be take Hwy 50 northest to Monsanto Rd and turn north or right and go about 3 miles to the cemetery on the right in the bend of the road.

This Aerial view shows that there might be a small line of trees obscuring your view of the cemetery from the Monsanto road. This is Mr. Fred Hawkins directions in 1987. Go out Williamsport Pike (Hwy. #50) to Monsanto Road and turn right. Just before reaching the main Monsanto plant you will see the cemetery on your right. I don't know if that plant exist today.
Maps from Topographical maps, MS Bing & Bing mapping services sites, modified here by Wayne Austin 8 Oct 2009.