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Photo of the home where the grave is in back of this. Photo by Wayne Austin, 26 Feb 2008.

Find this cemetery near the old tree on our right back where the man is standing. Notice the unique nature of this tree trunk with probably an old lightning strike damage (large healed split) on the side facing us. That is Poison Ivy vine climbing the tree so be careful there if you visit here in the summer. I cannot identify the type tree but believe it to be a Pin Oak. Photo sent in by Mike Freel from Springdale AR. 10 Apr 2008. Photo by Hilton Cohea of Jackson Tn. 24 Apr 2005

To find this cemetery from Culleoka go out Valley Creek Road southwest and turn left onto Graham Rd. Almost immediately Cross the concrete bridge over Fountain Creek and go 3/4 mile. Turn right into farm lane. The cemetery is in a small thicket near a house on the old Grady Hobbs place. The cemetery is just to our left of the home above.
As you are driving along you will merge with the Rail Road Tracks on your left and then move away from the Rail Road Track just before you turn right (west).  
Information and photo by Wayne Austin 26 Feb 2008. You will need permission to visit here. Please respect the privacy of the home owner. It is clear they do not wish to be disturbed from the chained driveway, so please respect the locked chain. Persons with bad intentions will be prosecuted.