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Located on Hwy 431, about 1/4 mile south of the Duck River Bridge at Hardison's Mill. It is behind a house on the west side of the highway. F. L. H. 1986. Found at these Longitude & Latitude Mapping Coordinates: 35 36.31'N, 86 49.52'W (NAD83/WGS84) per Topozone.

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CLYMORE, Amanda, d. 7 Apr 1890, aged about 48 years. "Wife of J. M. Clymore."
YARBROUGH, J. T., 10 Apr 1874 - 27 Feb 1902.

There are also 8 or 10 graves marked with fieldstones. Part of the lot is enclosed with a rock wall, the rest by
a wire fence. The whole thing is covered with vines and weeds. [30 Apr 1986 by F. L. H.]


CLYMORE, Joe, married, age 91, born 25 Nov 1825 in N.C., died 25 Nov 1916, son of Joseph Clymore and mother unknown. [MCTC.]

Watch Post Office and store was started, 14 miles east of Columbia, by C. A. Moore, in 1899. He sold in 1900 to E. A. Hurt, who failed a year later. W. A. Jackson erected the building used in 1902, and soon after removed to Columbia. Brown & Andrews secured a better building, which they held until Dec. 20, 1905, when they sold the stock to Clymore & Johnson, who kept general merchandise for several years.

W. E.  Clymore
is son of J. M. and Amanda (Jordan) Clymore, of Texas. .J. M. is son of J. W Clymore born Nov. 18. 1825, and living for 47 years past at Hardison's Mill. .J. M.'s mother was Martha, daughter of Henry and Mary (Branson) Morris. W. E. married P. L., daughter of D. L. Johnson, mentioned below. Their children are L. H. and V. F.

J. D. Johnson,
a partner with Clymore in the above store, is son of D. L. and A. M. Johnson, residing near by.
D. L., born Jan., 1847. is son of Edward and grandson of John Johnson. His mother was Sarah, dau. of Tom and
Elizabeth (Lowry) Cummins, of Martin Co. L. D.'s mother is A. M., dau. of John and Caroline (Gilliam) Billington.

Sources: They Passed This Way, page D-192, abt 1967; Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 36, Listed 30 Apr 1986. Century Review of Maury County Tennessee Page 280., 1906