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From Bryant's Station, take the Luke Moser Road going north. Go 1.5 miles to what was in 1988 the Harold Crabtree farm, today it belongs to Nona Fox. Cemetery is on the right located under a group of large trees in pasture to south of the house on the right side of the northward bend of the Luke Moser road.

*ANDREWS, Maggie Lou Childress, 29 Aug 1897 - 17 May 1922. (Dau. of Lula Childress Fitzgerald and Simon W.J. Fitzgerald, died of TB following influenzia.)
BLAIR, Harriet, 7 Nov 1827 - 19 Oct 1848. "Harriet's Grave" "Dau. P. G. & T. S. Hardin and consort of G. H. Blair."
CHILDRESS, Rufus M., 15 Dec 1805 - 15 Jul 1840.
CHILDRESS, Mary Gallaway, 4 Jun 1809 - 24 Oct 1832. 'Here rests in peace all that was mortal of Mary Galloway Childress.'
GALLAWAY, James Elisha, 27 Aug 1798 - 19 Feb 1834. (Born in Rockingham County, No. Car., died in Maury County, Tenn., son of James and Elizabeth Gallaway.)
GALLAWAY, Marion, 18 Jul 1804 - 5 Mar 1874. "Our grandmother.' (Wife of James E. Gallaway.)
GENTRY, S. W., 1807 - 1853.
GILLESPIE, Hattie C., d. 25 Oct 1855. (1-4-24)."Dau. J. H. & M. M. Gillespie"
HARDIN, Pleasant G., 1807 - Sept 1839.
HARDIN, Tabitha, 1809 - 7 Nov 1873. "Wife of P. (Pleasant) G. Hardin."
MAYBERRY, Hardin, b. 1856 - death unknown. Husband of Cornelia E. Gallaway, Thought to be buried here.
MAYBERRY, Cornelia E.
, died, 9 Mar 1858. (30-5-25). 'Beloved wife of Hardin Mayberry." (A big oak tree has grown up beside this grave & may be the resting place of Hardin Mayberry.)
MAYBERRY, George W., 24 Nov 1856 - 16 Oct 185-. "Son Hardin & Cornelia E."
MAYBERRY, Wm. J. G., 25 Sep 1854 - 23 Feb 18--. "Son Hardin & Cornelia E."
THOMAS, Earl, 13 Sep 1872 - 11 Aug 1873. "Son of B. S. & H. Thomas."
THOMAS, Mamie B.,
died. 18 Oct 1879. (Age 0 to 2 years old.), "Dau. of B. S. & H. C. Thomas"

*Supposed to be interred here.
This cemetery must be revisited with a more serious effort to uncover the stones that are lying on the ground with the inscription facing  downward.  There are stones all over and I looked under some of them but it was not possible given the time and tools I had to turn over all of these stones. 
I was unable to find the Mary Gallaway Childress, James Elisha Gallaway nor the S. W. Gentry memorials that were listed by Mr. Fred Hawkins in 1988 and/or the authors of They Passed This Way in 1967. It is my opinion that the livestock that roam freely thru here caused the falling of some memorials that had the inscription available for review at that time.

Sources: They Passed This Way, page D-171, about 1967; Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries , page 55, Listed 1988, by Fred Lee Hawkins; Photos and information by Wayne Austin based on a visit 17 Apr 2008. Organization and publication by Wayne Austin, 7 Jun 2008.