This map was added to show the GPS location of the John Lillie Cheek Cemetery. 

Cheek Bend of the Duck River, off Sowell Mill Pike in the Leftwich Community, Maury County Tennessee
Specific Location: In the Cheek Bend off Sowell Mill Pike in the Leftwich Community in the Southeastern Portion of Maury County on what was the land of the Cheek family. Cheek Bend, home of the Cheek and Liggett families for generations, was taken over by TVA for the never completed, then removed, Columbia Dam. It was then given to the State of Tennessee. The area is now managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Directions: Go east (actually south east) on Sowell Mill Pike and turn right into Cheek Bend Road. Follow the road back into Cheek Bend. There is a field road shown on the aerial & topographical maps included that has a pole gate to negotiate. If you are inclined this could be a good footpath or drive to the cemetery. The field/chirt road will continue your trip south but slightly westward for 400 to 500 yards to the cemetery in the north west area of Cheeks Bend of the Duck River. The cemetery is in a round shaped stand of trees about 150 feet in diameter surrounded by a field. If you are allergic to chiggers don't go there in summertime. Winter time finds chiggers dormant.

This map shows the cemetery pointed out by a yellow arrow. The map shows the Cheek Bend Road. I have drawn in white what is
the old road to the cemetery. TVA took the land for the dam, and when not completed it was given to the state, and is managed by TWRA. The circular part of the Cheek Bend road is gravel/chert and is reasonably well kept. The road shown branching off the circular one is blocked by a pole gate but is also drivable assuming you can get by the pole gate.

This map shows the cemetery pointed out by a gray arrow. The map shows the branch of the Cheek Bend Road. I have drawn with gray arrows an alternative path to walk of one is inclined to do so.
This map shows a closer view. We see here the clump of trees where the John L. Cheek cemetery is located.
Maps by Topozone, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & MS Bing mapping modified for this site by Wayne Austin 5 Jul 2010. Mapping instruction developed from the compilation local knowledge of Wayne Sharp and the mapping skills of this site administrator.

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