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  Family Charts - John L. Cheek family.

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CHEEK, John Lillie
"Jackie", 1 Oct 1801 - 2 Oct 1873. Memorial1 / Memorial2
CHEEK, Elizabeth
"Betsy" Rhyne, 29 Mar 1816 - 22 May 1905. Wife of John Lillie Cheek. Memorial1 / Memorial2
CHEEK, J. A., 25 Jul 1819 - 14 Feb 1906.
Memorial / Inscription
CHEEK, Oran Pearson., 27 May 1831 - 25 Mar 1902. Son of John Lillie and Elizibeth Rhyne Cheek.
CHEEK, Susan I. Huey, 17 Feb 1838 - 6 Jan 1908. Wife of Oran Pearson Cheek.
CHEEK, Cornelia C. Gilliam, 19 Jun 1861 - 28 Dec 1897. Wife of Nimrod (Nim) Porter Cheek. He b: 20 Apr 1857 d: 18 Mar 1959, buried at Morton Cemetery with Second Wife Effie Jane Hardison Cheek.
CHEEK, Joseph E., Infant Son of Joseph E. Johnson Cheek and Callie Lee Alsup Cheek, b: 4 Aug 1898 d: 4 Aug 1898.
CHEEK, Elizabeth Louise, 7 Aug 1926(36?) - 1 Sep 1927(37?).
CHEEK, Calvin Modrell
"Polk", 1840 - 16 May 1864. Son of John Lillie (Jackie) and Elizabeth Rhyne Cheek. Killed at Atlanta in an unlucky exchange of shots between CSA and Federal sentries. He was a member of C.S.A. Company G 24th Tennessee Rifles (Duck River Rifles) commanded by Capt. Robert Washington Tindell, a neighbor, and his sisters brother-in-law, who lived across the Duck River on Cedar Creek. (No marker was ever placed at this grave).
LIGGETT, Infant Daughter of Americus Dianisus (Mec) and Lennis Estella (Tettie) Liggett, 24 Nov 1908.
LIGGETT, Infant Daughter of Americus Dianisus (Mec) and Lennia Estella (Tettie) Liggett, 11 Feb 1912.
TANKERSLEY, Eliza Jane Cheek Fox, 18 Jun 1855 - 12 Jun 1904. First Marriage: Joel Pervines Fox, Second Marriage: William Trousdale Tankersley, Daughter of Oran Pearson and Susan I. Huey Cheek.

Fieldstones marking the graves: Image1 / Image2 / Image3 / Image4

Listing compiled from various sources including family cemetery records and sent by Wayne Sharp. Received for addition & posted to  this site by Wayne Austin 5 Jul 2010. Updated 22 Apr 2011 by Wayne Sharp to include photos and information in a visit by descendents to their cemetery Thursday, 21 Apr 2011.

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