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Clark Road, Marshall County Tennessee (near the Maury/Marshall County line).

Located on Clark Road, between Rutledge Lane and Milltown Road in Marshall County. Cemetery is approximately 1 and 1/2 half miles from the Maury County line and Franklin Pike in the Hardison Mill community. The cemetery is located on the late Jesse D. Cheek property. Property is currently owned by the Parish family.

Scenes of the Cemetery:
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CHEEK, Jesse D., 12 Dec 1832 - 24 Jun 1921. Born in Cheek Bend in the Leftwich Community in Southeastern Maury County. Son of John Lillie and Elizabeth Rhyne Cheek. Served in Company B, 48th Tennessee Infantry, CSA. He had three brothers, some sources report four, to die in that conflict, Eli, John, Calvin Modrell and Polk(?). His father John Lillie Cheek was Son of Jesse Cheek of North Carolina. Elizabeth Rhyne was the daughter of Andrew and Ellen Rhyne of North Carolina. Headstone, Headstone
CHEEK, Mary A. Hardison, 7 Jul 1834 - 14 Jun 1874. First Wife of Jesse D. Cheek. Daughter of Charles and Hannah Daniel Hardison. "Married to Jessee Cheek May 9, 1859. Joined the M.E. Church 1849."  Headstone, Headstone, Headstone2, Footstone
CHEEK, Rebecca E. Manire, 1 Oct 1834 - 18 Feb 1880. Second Wife of Jesse D. Cheek. Daughter of John and Rebecca McClelland Manire.  Headstone, Headstone, Footstone
CHEEK, Mary Wilson, 12 Oct 1844 - 16 Oct 1882. Third Wife of Jesse D. Cheek. Daughter of Robert Wilson of Rutherford County.  Headstone, Headstone, Footstone
CHEEK, Cordelia C. Watson, 23 Apr 1844 - 25 Now 1911. Fourth Wife of Jesse D. Cheek. Daughter of J. S. and Mary S. Andrews Watson. J. S. Watson was son of John Watson from Salisbury, North Carolina. Mary S. Andrews was daughter of John and Elizabeth Bishop Andrews of South Carolina.  Headstone, Headstone, Footstone
CHEEK, Della I. Neathery, 29 Oct 1869 - 14 May 1899. Wife of Charles L. Cheek, b: 1866 d: 18 May 1962.  Headstone
MONTGOMERY, Charles Leslie, (Infant), 23 Apr 1887 - 23 Aug 1889. Headstone

Listing compiled from various sources including family cemetery records and sent by Wayne Sharp. Received for addition & posted to this site by Wayne Austin 5 Jul 2010. Also listed in the book "Marshall County Cemeteries, page 40. Revised by Wayne Sharp visiting, photographing and contributing that to here 21 Mar 2011.

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