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Directions: From Southport, go west toward Scott's Mill for 1 and 1/2 miles. Enter the farm lane on right and go 1/2 mile to the farm house at end of the lane. The graveyard is in grove nearby, 1988 instructions.

There is what appears to be a farm house at the edge of the Phosphate mining waste land near the black arrow. This may find the cemetery nearby. We are looking into the forest under large trees that have violated the graves.

Initially I followed Mr. Fred's directions on Southport Road and it basically led me to this gate. However I did not have the time to cover the 1/2 mile distance to attempt a find the cemetery that day. Maybe another day. This is a Jeep kind of trip anyway. Notice also the gate is padlocked so that is another two hours to find the party who can grant permission. Could cover .5 miles on foot in 2 minutes at one time in my life, but I don't know what it would take today.

Before they modified their site to include different maps Epodunk had their location placed for the Coleman Chaffin Graves as being on the south side of the Southport Road. That would put this cemetery shown by the red mark on the above map by the Terrapin Branch near a new home built there recently. A later visit found an elder lady down the road who said this place was known to be a graveyard but she knew nothing else about it. There is a grove of trees just after one turns left into the new home (very long) driveway and that is where she spoke of and the red check closely matches that location. In a 26 Sep 2009 I did examine the place and saw no sign of the two slabs Mr. Fred spoke of. I fear this cemetery will never be found again. While there I probed for the stone underground thinking they had possibly sunken into the ground. However this was such a large area it would be difficult to locate anything in a short period of time and as you can see from the photo of the place it was a thicket. I did notice fieldstones there. This is at GPS
N 35.47726 W 87.12185.