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Various partial Listings from Rick Gray of Maury County Memorials and also some lost graves

* Indicates an unmarked grave

+ Indicates a person that is likely to be buried here or other sources say is buried here.

 The cemeteries listed below are by no means 100% complete transcriptions unless I state otherwise. These are burials that I have uncovered in my research of many families in the Maury County area or have looked up for other people. Many of them I have not looked at personally but only have been looked up in the books They Passed This Way or Maury County Cemeteries. There are also many listings here from death records in the newspapers, in the Williams Funeral Home death records or from the book Maury County Genealogist. Others are burials that “older” family members have told me about, but are no longer marked. Rick Gray


Adkison Cemetery

The cemetery is located on Lewis Road in the New Flys Village area of Maury County, Tennessee.

Adkinson, W. W., 4 Oct 1864-28 Nov 1913.

Adkisson Cemetery

Burns, Ethel Brady, 13 Jan 1910 - 1 Jan 2004 (wife of Robert J. Burns; daughter of George W. Brady and Annie Stanfill)
Burns, Jeffrey P., 19 Apr 1966 - 24 May 2004 (son of Raymond Paul Burns Sr. and Retha Faye Wade)
Burns, Robert J., died 1993 (husband of Ethel Brady)

Alexander Cemetery (also known as Beech Grove Cemetery)

Zellner, Henry, 20 Jan 1876 - 22 Jan 1894 (son of William J. Zellner and Sarah Rebecca Alexander)
Zellner, Ira, 1 Jun 1868 - 17 Jan 1870 (son of William J. Zellner and Sarah Rebecca Alexander)
Zellner, John A., 6 Jan 1882 - 18 Nov 1955 (husband of Clayra L. Compton; son of William J. Zellner and Sarah Rebecca Alexander)
Zellner, Lucy, 18 Sep 1869 - 16 Feb 1955 (daughter of William J. Zellner and Sarah Rebecca Alexander)
Zellner, Mary, 19 Feb 1874 - 13 Aug 1875 (daughter of William J. Zellner and Sarah Rebecca Alexander)
Zellner, Sarah Rebecca Alexander, 18 Dec 1846 - 28 Apr 1927 (wife of William James Zellner; married 18 Jan 1866; daughter of John C. & Mary S. Alexander)
Zellner, William James, 2 Aug 1846 - 27 Jul 1905 (son of Henry Zellner & Martha J. Hughes; husband of Sarah Rebecca Alexander; C.S.A.)

Bailey Cemetery

*Bailey, John E., Feb 1855 - 11 Jan 1933 (son of Peter C. Bailey and Rebecca Pickard Robertson)
+Beckum, James T., 11 Sep 1829 - 24 Dec 1914 (age 85 years, 3 months and 13 days; son of Stephen Beckum of North Carolina and Mollie Bailey of Tennessee; husband of Lettie King)
+Beckum, Lettie King, 9 Oct 1828 - 18 Feb 1899 (wife of James T. Beckum; married him on 10 Jun 1847 in Lewis County, Tennessee)
+Beckum, Martha E., 10 Feb 1854 - 22 Apr 1917 (daughter of Tom Beckum and Martha Swan)
Beckum, Almon, 2 Sep 1913 - 18 Nov 1989 (married 1st to Neva King and 2nd to Willodene "Dene" Seaton; son of Basil Beckum and Rena Gilmore)
Beckum, Bobby Ray, 20 May 1940 - (husband of Lola Maie Sharpe and Sarah Laws; son of Almon Beckum and Neva King)
Beckum, Lola Mai Sharpe, 24 Feb 1935 - 18 Apr 1978 (wife of Bobby Ray Beckum; daughter of Clyde Sharpe and Lucy Attkisson)
Beckum, Neva King, 21 Aug 1917 - 31 Dec 1970 (wife of Almon Beckum; daughter of Argles W. King and Jennie Pearl Kennedy)
Brown, A., 1907 - 1907 (infant child of Willis Franklin Brown and Frankie Lindsey)
Brown, Baxter, 7 Dec 1921 - 7 Dec 1921 (son of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey)
Brown, Emmitt, 29 Feb 1916 - 11 Apr 1916 (son of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey) Note: These dates are from death record which states he died from whooping cough. The tombstone gives year as 1912 and grandmother's Bible says 1912. (???)
Brown, Frankie, 12 Dec 1930 - 12 Dec 1930 (son of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey)
Brown, Frankie Lindsey, 1888 - 1907 (1st wife of Willis Franklin Brown; daughter of Baxter M. R. Lindsey and Mary Ellen Douglas)
Brown, Hazel V., 26 Nov 1911 - 21 Dec 1935 (daughter of Seth R. Brown and Annie Pollock)
Brown, Lonnie, 21 Mar 1919 - 3 Apr 1919 (son of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey) Note: these dates are from death record; tombstone and grandmother's Bible list the year as 1918 (???)
Brown, Mary Alice Lindsey, 9 Sep 1891 - 3 Oct 1986 (wife of Willis Franklin Brown; daughter of Baxter M. R. Lindsey and Mary Ellen Douglas)
Brown, Matilda Ann Bell, 2 Apr 1855 - 24 Feb 1917 (first wife of Charles B. Brown; daughter of William H. Bell and Elizabeth K. Hall) Note: date on tombstone states 2 Apr 1860 but her true birth year is 1855
Brown, Oskar, 21 Oct 1920 - 21 Oct 1920 (son of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey)
Brown, Virginia, 2 Dec 1909 - 2 Dec 1909 (daughter of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey)
Brown, Willis Franklin, 14 Dec 1883 - 2 Apr 1940 (married 1st to Frankie Lindsey and 2nd to Mary Alice Lindsey; son of Charles B. Brown and Matilda Ann Bell)
*Irwin, Mrs. Richard, died 1908, age 81 (died from burns; from Mt. Joy)
King, Clifford, Sr., 13 Dec 1905 - 18 May 1994 (husband of Nora Marshall; son of Argles W. King and Jennie Pearl Kennedy)
King, Lawrence, 7 Aug 1923 - 14 May 1995 (husband of Wilma Faye Bennett; son of Argles W. King and Jennie Pearl Kennedy)
King, Nora Marshall, 8 Sep 1915 - (wife of Clifford King, Sr.; daughter of Edward Marshall and Lucy Nevills)
King, Wilma Faye Bennett King, 11 Oct 1936 - (wife of Lawrence King; daughter of Willie and Clista Bennett)
Kruger, Annie Pollock Brown, 3 May 1889 - 2 May 1955 (married first to Seth R. Brown and second to ? Kruger; daughter of James Thomas Pollock and Victoria Ann Kennedy)
Lane, James Everett, 19 Jan 1905 - 23 Feb 1976 (husband of Mary Ellen King)
Lane, Mary Ellen King, 25 Jun 1921 - (wife of James Everett Lane; daughter of Argles W. King and Jennie Pearl Kennedy)
McNeece, Betty Lou King, 12 May 1941 - (wife of Bruce McNeece; daughter of Clifford King Sr. and Nora Marshall)
McNeece, Bruce Ray, 18 Aug 1936 - 28 Jan 1980 (husband of Betty Lou King; son of W. Arthur McNeece and Alice Boyd)
+Sims, Charles E., d. 10 Jun 1982 in River Rouge, Michigan
+Sims, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Walker, 19 Jun 1819 - 1901 (married to William F. Sims on 11 Dec 1834; some sources list her maiden name as Walker and some as Brown)
Sims, Sam Fuller, d. 22 Jun 1977 (son of Hugh M. Sims and Tennessee "Tennie" Fuller)
+Sims, Susan, 15 Feb 1842 - 14 Nov 1925 (daughter of William F. "Billie" Sims and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Walker Brown)
Staggs, Arnold Ray, 5 Apr 1945 - 13 Apr 1945 (son of Noble Staggs and Mary Alice Brown)
Staggs, Mary Alice Brown, 1 Aug 1923 - (wife of Noble Staggs; daughter of Willis Franklin Brown and Mary Alice Lindsey)
Staggs, Noble, 23 Jun 1915 - 18 Oct 1998 (husband of Mary Alice Brown; son of Charlie Staggs and Blanche Ellen Ashmore)
Wright, Perin, 20 Nov 1831 - 7 Jun 1908 (married 1st to Sarah W. ?, 2nd to Martha E. Reed and 3rd to Sarah Adeline Duke)
Wright, William T., 7 May 1859 - 3 Jul 1903 (son of Perin and Sarah W. Wright)

Blowing Springs Cemetery

Bowen, Tonie Workman, 19 May 1938 - 1 Apr 2002 (wife of Walter Bowen; daughter of Andrew Izar Workman and Maggie Ann Wood)
Davis, Edna Workman, 14 Jul 1912 – 3 Apr 1991 (married Hubert Davis on 29 May 1929; daughter Tildon W. Workman and Ada F. Kennedy)  Davis, Hubert, 7 Jul 1911 – 31 May 1981 (married Edna Workman on 29 May 1929; son of Fount Davis and Ann “Annie” Pierce)
Wood, Douglas Virgil, Jr., 19 Oct 1948 - 24 Mar 2004 (son of Douglas Virgil Wood Sr. & Margaret Hodge; born in Wayne County, Michigan)
Workman, Ada F. "Addie" Kennedy, 28 Dec 1877 - 10 Feb 1947 (wife of Tildon W. Workman; daughter of Andrew Knox Polk Kennedy and Easter Louella Henderson)
Workman, Tildon W., 1876 - 1959 (husband of Ada F. "Addie" Kennedy; son of Isaiah Elson Workman and Ellen Williams)

Boyd Cemetery

Boyd, Bette B., 17 Nov 1868 - 23 Mar 1896
Boyd, Dr. T. M., 21 Apr 1833 - 2 Jun 1890 (native of Williamson County; settled in Maury County prior to the Civil War, setting up his medical practice in the Rally Hill community)
Boyd, J. W., 14 Aug 1859 - 25 Jul 1902
Boyd, James Madison, 19 Jul 1874 - 31 Oct 1922
Boyd, Marzee M., 9 May 1835 - 28 Nov 1898 (wife of Dr. T. M. Boyd)
Boyd, Mount Edgar, 10 May 1864 - 12 Sep 1877 "Son of T. M. & M. M. Boyd"
Boyd, W. T., 7 Sep 1855 - 4 Feb 1924
Foster, Nannie Pearl Boyd, 29 Jan 1873 - 28 Dec 1893 "Wife Rev. A. J. Foster"
Smith, Annie A. Boyd, 23 Dec 1861 - 11 Jun 1891 "Wife of G. M. Smith"

Brady Cemetery

Brady, Elton Eugene, 21 Apr 1913 - 31 Dec 2003 (husband of Margaret Barnes; son of George W. Brady Sr. and Anna Catherine Stanfill)
Brady, Jack D., 9 Apr 1928 - 26 Apr 2004 (son of George W. Brady Sr. and Anna Catherine Stanfill)

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Prince, Ruth Savage, 26 Jun 1920 - 26 Jun 2004 (wife of Walker Prince; daughter of George Savage and Sarah Irene Rice)

Coleman Cemetery

Go north on Hwy. 431 to Williamson County line, turn west on Warren Road (Old Port Royal), go 1 ¼ miles to James H. Neal farm. Cemetery is in the middle of pasture on left of lane to house. Fred Hawkins reports that the stones are tumbled.

100% of known graves recorded.

Coleman, Daniel, 15 Nov 1829 - 12 Jan 1918 (husband of Sarah J. Clark)
Coleman, Sarah J. Clark, 10 Feb 1847 - 15 Nov 1918 (wife of Daniel Coleman)
Coleman, J. Henry, 2 Mar 1879 - 28 Nov 1905 (son of Daniel Coleman and Sarah J. Clark)

Crowe Cemetery

Amis, Clifford H., 10 Apr 1880 - (husband of Henrietta E. Crowe)
Amis, Henrietta E. Crowe, 4 Jan 1879 - 5 Jun 1957 (wife of Clifford H. Amis; daughter of J. H. & M. R. H. Crowe)
Amis, John C., 30 Jun 1911 - 25 Jan 1942 (son of J. C. & Etta Crowe Amis)
Amis, Roy Crowe, 25 Nov 1915 - 27 Aug 1939 (husband of Martha Sneed; son of Clifford H. Amis and Henrietta E. Crowe)

Derryberry Cemetery

Rudolph, Rev. Mark Edward, 31 Jul 1921 - 14 Apr 2004 (husband of Geneva June Purvis; son of James Rudolph and Emma Black)

Ebenezer Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Beckum, James Thomas, 30 Dec 1875 - 11 Apr 1941 (husband of Naomi Elizabeth "Betty" Lindsey; son of William Henry Beckum and Martha Ellis)
Beckum, William Henry, 10 Aug 1852 - 22 Jul 1921 (husband of Martha Ellis; son of James T. "Jim" Beckum and Lettie King)
Wilson, Maryanne Joyce "Mary" Ragsdale, 18 Sep 1973 - 30 Jun 2004 (wife of Ronnie Wilson; daughter of James David Ragsdale and Deloris Ann Powell)

Fitzgerald (Edmund) Cemetery

* Younger, Dora Woody, "29, d. Mon. morning on Knob Creek of consumption; dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Woody; granddaughter of Edmund Fitzgerald; buried Fitzgerald Cem on Knob Creek." (her parents were J. H. Woody and Ophelia Fitzgerald)

Friendship Baptist Church

Adams, Mossie Andrews, 1879 - 1956
Young, Emma Gertrude "Nannie" Demastus, 19 Mar 1919 - 9 May 2004 (wife of Wallace Covey Young; daughter of Fletcher Demastus and Jessie Hester Howell)

Goshen Cemetery

Younger, Elizabeth Wakefield, 12 Feb 1814 - 10 Jul 1852 "Wife of William Younger; Dau. Joseph & Margarett Wakefield"
Younger, James H. C., 30 May 1836 - 22 Mar 1860 "Son of W. & E."
Younger, Martha V., 6 Feb 1841 - 9 Sep 1841 "Dau. of W. & E."
Younger, Rachel E., 5 Sep 1834 - 4 Oct 1860 "Dau. of W. & E."
Younger, William, 24 Feb 1808 - 17 Jun 1889. Mason (husband of Elizabeth Wakefield)

Greenwood Cemetery

+ Young, Hillary Summerfield, Now in Heaven, 17 Jun 1857
Zellner, Arnold, d. 20 Dec 1852. Aged about 63 years. (Early constructor in Maury County; built first water system for Columbia; built bridges, etc.)
Zellner, Clarinda, d. Jan 1842. 28 years. "Consort of Arnold Zellner"
Zellner, Lucy, d. Sep 1838. Aged 47 years. "Consort of Arnold Zellner"

Hardison Cemetery

Brown, Herman E., 19 May 1925 - 7 Jun 2004 (husband of Mary Ann Allen; son of Arthur Brown and Nellie Robertson)
Fitzgerald, Rebecca Mai Skinner, 12 Sep 1915 - 4 Jan 2004 (wife of Calvin Felix Fitzgerald; daughter of Carl Skinner and Sally Hinson)

Hargrove Cemetery

Brothers, Andrew H., 1917 - 1954 "Father"
Brothers, Hazel H., 1915 - "Mother"

Howard Cemetery

Nelson, W. H., 2 May 1844 - 27 Jul 1894 (son of John D. Nelson and Mary Howard; Co. B, 48th Tenn. Inf., C.S.A.) Note: He was originally buried in the Howard Cemetery and then moved to Arlington Cemetery.

Hughes Cemetery

Zellner, Alice Emeline, 18 Feb 1850 - 10 Jul 1851 (daughter of Henry Zellner and Martha J. Hughes)
Zellner, Elizabeth Rebecca, 2 Dec 1840 - 31 Aug 1851 (daughter of Henry Zellner and Martha J. Hughes)
Zellner, Henry, 28 Feb 1814 - 4 Nov 1899 (husband of Martha J. Hughes)
Zellner, Lucy Ann, c. 1843 - 1 Oct 1858 (age 15 years and 3 months; daughter of Henry Zellner and Martha J. Hughes)
Zellner, Martha J. Hughes, 17 Feb 1824 - 21 May 1889 (wife of Henry Zellner, married 21 May 1839)

Hunter Cemetery

Kennedy, Caroline Moody, abt. 1802 - 16 Nov 1856 (wife of Robert Gordon Kennedy; daughter of Francis Moody and Patsy Vaughn)
*Nichols, Elizabeth Jennie Caroline Kennedy Grimes, 28 Feb 1832 - 17 Feb 1908 (daughter of Robert Gordon Kennedy and Caroline Moody; married 1st to Samuel J. Grimes and 2nd to Levi Alexander Nichols; interred first at Hunter Cemetery and then moved to Arlington by the family)

Jackson College Cemetery

Young, Elizabeth, 16 Oct 1801 - 21 Sep 1876

Jones Cemetery

Odom, Loyd, died 13 Jan 1998 (husband of Madge Blackburn)
Odom, Madge Blackburn, died 6 Jul 2002, age 87 (daughter of J. A. Blackburn and Nellie Jones; married Loyd Odom on 21 Dec 1946)

Knob Creek Cemetery

Harris, Nadine Goad, 12 May 1915 - 31 Mar 2004 (wife of Burton Howard Harris; daughter of Claude Goad and Stella Haywood)
Kelley, Roy Lee, 12 Sep 1930 - 8 Feb 2004 (husband of Pauline Sullivan; son of Walter Kelley and Willie Mae Ragsdale)

Lasting Hope Cemetery

Kennedy, Elizabeth P. Bennett, 10 Sep 1800 - 5 Jan 1853 (first wife of James Kennedy; daughter of Dr. George W. Bennett and Anna Dabney; married James on 1 Sep 1831 in Williamson County)
Kennedy, James, abt 1796 - 13 Mar 1863 (married 1st to Elizabeth P. Bennett on 1 Sep 1831 and 2nd to Martha W. Moody Thomas Rutledge on 24 Oct 1854; son of John Kennedy and Barbara Gordon)
Polk, J. Knox, 21 Sep 1869 - 27 Nov 1900

McCain's Cemetery

Thomas, Kenneth Marshall "Kenny", Jr., 27 Aug 1946 - 5 Jun 2004 (son of Kenneth Marshall Thomas and Ruth Whitworth)

McClain Cemetery

* Lindsey, William L. Alexander, 19 Mar 1853 - 11 Jan 1927 (longtime justice of the peace in Maury County; son of John Lindsey and Martha Jane Duke; married 1st to Rhoda E. Neeley, 2nd to Mary A. J. "Josie" Neeley, and 3rd to Nannie Nance; a granddaughter says that he is buried in an unmarked grave near his son Evan Lindsey at McClain Cemetery)

Moore Cemetery

Woodward, Donna J., 1969 - 1969
Woodward, Odis F., 5 Aug 1902 - 10 Mar 1983

Polk Memorial Gardens

Albritton, Lorraine Burns, 2 Feb 1940 - 14 Feb 2004 (daughter of Daisy Burns Musgrove)
Anderson, Pauline, 9 Jul 1925 - 16 Apr 2004 (daughter of Thomas Bailey Anderson and Mattie Hayes)
Andrews, Paul Samuel, 23 Apr 1937 - 24 Feb 2004 (husband of Betty Ann McKinzie; son of Ditrick Andrews and Mary Charlene Burgess)
Ashmore, Ruby Jeanette Holloway, 13 Apr 1920 - 24 Feb 2004 (wife of P. B. Ashmore; daughter of Lee A. and Lucy Ann Lee Holloway)
Barnett, Pauline Adams, 16 Jan 1919 - 6 Apr 2004 (wife of Herman W. Barnett; daughter of Sidney Adams and Sally Taylor)
Basnaw, Michael Lawrence, 29 Jun 1949 - 27 Dec 2003 (husband of Linda Renee Kelley; son of Albert Basnaw and Virginia Miller)
Beard, John Wallace, 7 Feb 1929 - 7 Feb 2004 (son of Barney Beard and Ada F. Brady)
Blevins, William Arnold "Pete", 29 Apr 1920 - 20 Apr 2004 (husband of Juanita Melton; son of William Blevins and Zelma Cooper) Mausoleum
Boatright, Patty Gifford, died 28 Jul 2002, age 70 (wife of Paul Boatright; daughter of Patrick Cleborne Gifford and Mary Thomas Clark)
Bowman, Judith Ann "Judi" Perry, 4 Mar 1943 - 27 Dec 2003 (daughter of William James Perry and Thelma Stickle Butler)
Byrd, Geneva E. Brown, 5 Sep 1914 - 5 Oct 2003 (daughter of Mark B. Brown and Etta Mae Gowan)
Carney, William Henry, Jr., 24 Oct 1949 - 23 May 2004 (husband of Ruby Frame; son of William H. Carney Sr. and Estelle Bumpus)
Carpenter, Clyde Austin, 1 Feb 1933 - 3 Feb 2004 (son of M. O. Carpenter and Frances Cooper) Mausoleum
Chappell, Doris Foster King, 30 Jun 1922 - 23 Jan 2004 (1st married to Russell L. King; daughter of W. F. Foster and Sally Overstreet)
Clements, Ruth M. Legg, 10 Nov 1933 - 8 Apr 2004 (wife of Fred L. Clements Sr.; daughter of Edward Legg and Lida Mills)
Coffey-McCauley, Curtis Colby, Jr., 6 Jan 2004 - 27 May 2004 (son of Curtis C. McCauley and Tonya Thein Coffey)
Collins, Lois Marie Frost, died 20 Jan 2004, age 70 (daughter of William Dallas Frost and Katie Jane Bolton)
Cramer, Justin Michael, 27 Apr 1992 - 6 Apr 2004 (son of Jackie Raye Cramer and Elaine Moraitinis)
Di Ulio, Lois Rawson, 5 Aug 1923 - 17 Jun 2004 (wife of Alfred Angelo Di Ulio; daughter of George Tillman Rawson and Daisy Ashworth)
Foster, Arnold Lodgin, 22 Jul 1924 - 29 May 2004 (husband of Katherine ? Foster; son of William Franklin Foster and Sally Pearl Overstreet)
Gore, Shirley A. Bearden, died May 13, 2002, age 59 (daughter of Charles Bearden and Ola Vanzant; wife of Ralph Gore)
Grooms, Ray Lewis, 9 Apr 1936 - 4 Feb 2004 (husband of Betty Lentz; son of William Grooms and Grace McCullom)
Hamlett, Geneva May, died April 6, 2004, age 87, wife of Robert Evans Hamlett, daughter of Albert Cleveland May and Etta Garrett
Hamlett, Robert Evans, died Nov. 17, 1996, husband of Geneva May
Hancock, Ricky L., 30 Sep 1959 - 11 Jan 2004 (son of Franklin Hancock and Sadie Whitley)
Hayes, Maylon Ray, Jr., 16 Oct 1952 - 22 Jan 2004 (husband of Darcy Palmer; son of Maylon Ray Hayes Sr. and Artie Dodd)
Henson, James L. "Jimmy", 2 Jul 1932 - 8 Mar 2004 (husband of Ann Massey; son of Thomas Luther Henson and Henri Etta Hunt)
Holden, Geneva Gilliam, 17 Apr 1917 - 2 Jul 2004 (wife of William Bryant Holden; daughter of Claude H. Gilliam and Annie Mae Wilburn)
Holden, William Bryant, 4 Aug 1917 - 2 Jul 1962 (husband of Geneva Gilliam)
Huey, Shelby, 30 Dec 1915 - 2 Apr 2004 (husband of Hazel Isabell Huey; son of Russell Hughey & Fannie Jacobs)
King, Russell L., 8 Mar 1922 - 25 Oct 1963 (husband of Doris Foster)
Klinzing, Cory Adam, 27 Aug 1985 - 5 Apr 2004 (son of Edward Klinzing & Pam Edwards Kerce)
Knowles, Edwin D., 29 Jun 1952 - 11 Mar 2004 (son of Ernest W. Knowles and Helen Hall; married 1st to Sherry McKissick, 2nd to Gail Brawner, and 3rd to Debbie Cummins)
Kuhl, Angela-Jane Carter, 6 Jul 1922 - 3 Mar 2004 (wife of William H. Kuhl; daughter of Joseph A. Carter and Mary Helmlinger) Mausoleum
Lee, Martha Prince, 4 Nov 1932 - 23 Jun 2004 (wife of Tillman E. Lee; daughter of Robert Prince and Ruth Holland) Mausoleum
Lettenmeier, Lucille Holder, 3 Apr 1923 - 3 May 2004 (wife of Otto Lettenmaier; daughter of Ernest P. Holder and Lina Hutton) Mausoleum
Lindsey, Phillip D., 19 Jun 1965 - 25 Apr 2004 (son of William Alexander Lindsey and Fannie Sue Johnson)
Logue, Charles Jackson "Jack", 7 Jan 1931 - 14 Jan 2004 (husband of Dorothy "Dot" Bennett; son of Harley Logue and Estelle Goodwin)
Mayberry, Wallace Childress, Jr., 12 Nov 1921 - 13 Feb 2004 (husband of Opal V. Thigpen; son of Wallace Childress Mayberry Sr. and Katherine McMeen)
McPherson, Norma Fay Strickland, 23 Jul 1916 - 5 Feb 2004 (wife of Noble Burton McPherson; daughter of Guy Earl Strickland and Ada Wilmarth)
Nelson, Sara Etta McCarty, 22 Jun 1922 - 31 Dec 2003 (wife of Dwight Baxter Nelson, Sr.; daughter of Charles McCarty and Eunice Blackwell) Mausoleum
Nichols, Gordon Wilson, 31 Oct 1939 - 30 Apr 2004 (husband of Peggy Kelley; son of Wilson Agee Nichols and Inez Wyatt)
Odom, Inez Wyatt "Granny", 21 Jan 1925 - 30 Dec 2003 (wife of Lane Odom Sr.; daughter of John Henry Wyatt and Annie Hixon)
Oliver, Johnnie B., 15 Oct 1923 - 15 Jun 2004 (husband of Eunice Crigger; son of Morgan Oliver and Alice Foster)
Orr, Willodyne Jacobs, 2 Feb 1926 - 9 Apr 2004 (wife of Lyndol E. Orr; daughter of Shirley E. and Norene Collier Jacobs)
Owen, Richard, 16 Jan 1954 - 1 Mar 2004 (husband of Shirley King; son of Arthur and Ann Kingsland)
Pruitt, Timothy Dale, 17 Oct 1964 - 6 Jan 2004 (husband of Connie Alexander; son of Arnold Pruitt and Betty Scroggins)
Richmond, Edward D., 19 May 1924 - 30 Dec 2003 (husband of Evelyn "Becky" Allen; son of Edward D. Richmond and Blanche Sells)
Rowland, John L. "Johnny", 19 Apr 1951 - 15 Mar 2004 (husband of Shelby Burkholder; son of John L. Rowland and Doris Espenschied) Mausoleum
Sanders, James Everett, 28 Jul 1922 - 18 Jan 2004 (husband of Dorothy Cavender; son of George Sanders and Mattie Banks)
Sisk, J. M. "Butch", 18 Sep 1936 - 16 Apr 2004 (husband of Kay Bolin; son of J. B. "Jesse" Sisk and Margaret Holt)
Smith, Theresa McKennon, 20 Jun 1955 - 28 Mar 2004. (daughter of Arthur McKennon & Patricia Cothran) Mausoleum.
Stanfill, William Howard "Whitey", 6 May 1936 - 12 May 2004 (husband of Patricia Davis; son of Willie A. Stanfill and Callie O. Smith)
Tennyson, Ruby M. Black, died Nov. 12, 2002, age 74 (daughter of Will Black and Myra Wells)
Thigpen, Burdes Lawton, 28 Oct 1920 - 4 Jan 2004 (husband of Vera Tripp; son of Burnie Thigpen and Mary Ima White)
Thomasma, Bonnie Sue Spry, 15 Apr 1967 - 1 Jan 2004 (wife of John Thomasma; daughter of Joe Spry and Betty Hall)
Thompson, Estill E., 5 Jul 1905 - 15 Mar 2004 (husband of Lounettie Jennings; son of George Ernest Thompson and Elizabeth Roberts)
Thompson, Evelyn Southern, 30 Sep 1927 - 28 Apr 2004 (wife of A. M. Thompson; daughter of Perry Francis Southern and Evelyn Warren)
Thompson, Lounettie Jennings, 6 Nov 1908 - 20 May 2003 (wife of Estill E. Thompson; daughter of Thomas Garrett Jennings and Minnie Mai Osburn)
Williams, Judy I. Hamilton, 31 Jan 1946 - 11 Apr 2004 (wife of Douglas Williams; daughter of Guy Hamilton and Nolia Planke)
Wise, John David, Sr., 6 Apr 1934 - 18 Feb 2004 (husband of Dolores Joan Young; son of Wilton Wise and Ruby Hodges)
Wood, Margaret Ruth Potts, 17 Mar 1921 - 18 Feb 2004 (wife of Raymond Wood; daughter of Leslie "Tickle" Potts and Gertie Robinson)
Wood, Ulylus Evans "Billy", 3 Oct 1928 - 28 Jan 2004 (husband of Willadeen Baker; son of Elylus Evans Wood and Octavia Morrow)
Yancey, Milton Clyde, Sr., 21 Sep 1922 - 24 Jan 2004 (husband of Willie Pature; son of William Clyde Yancey and Ruby Winchester)
Ytzen, Beuna Wilson, 12 Jan 1923 - 14 Feb 1982 (native of Lexington, TN; daughter of Cecil M. Wilson & Brookey Taylor; married Robert Ytzen in 1944)
Ytzen, Iva D. Schlarbaum, 5 Jul 1898 - 8 Jul 1964 (first wife of J. J. Ytzen)
Ytzen, J. J. "Jud", 9 Mar 1898 - 6 Sep 1987 (native of Iowa; son of Chris and Maren C. Ytzen; WWI)
Ytzen, Robert O., 31 Dec 1922 - (husband of Buena W. Wilson)

Rock Springs Cemetery

Young, James S., 6 Feb 1914 -
Young, Leona Lynn, 29 Sep 1906 - 1 Feb 1969

Rose Hill Cemetery

Abernathy, Esther Jackson, 1898 - 1972
Abernathy, Sidney Guy, 1882 - 1952
Cheek, Norris B., 12 Nov 1919 - 19 Feb 2004 (husband of Margaret Galbraith; son of Cordie Lee Cheek and Bessie Alsup)
Cook, Helen Marie Clayton, 1904 - 9 Jan 2004 (wife of Ralph Lewellen and Albert Cook; daughter of William Clayton and Marie Jordan)
Hay, Roger Earl, 23 Jun 1931 - 10 Apr 2004 (husband of Evalena McCrary; son of Eugene Hay and Eva Brady)
McCarty, Eulice V., died 7 May 2000 (husband of Novelyn Bass)
McCarty, Novelyn Bass, died 19 Nov 2004. (daughter of Rev. Arch Bass & Ethel Shook; wife of Eulice V. McCarty)
Oakes, Albert Fisher, Jr., 17 Apr 1919 - 24 May 2002 (son of Albert Fisher Oakes Sr. and Marguerite Page; husband of Jane Peyton)
Peters, Charles Herman "Bug", died 13 Mar 2004, age 58, husband of Helen Blalock, son of Henry M. Peters and Bonnie Kincaid.
Posey, Claudy R., 5 May 1930 - 8 Apr 2004 (husband of Eugenia Lovett; son of Naldier Bennett Posey and Ethel Terrell)
Posey, Dennis Ray, Sr., 17 Apr 1952 - 27 Jan 2004 (son of Claudy R. Posey and Eugenia Lovett)
Sowell, Louise Bailey, 25 Mar 1925 - 26 Feb 2004 (wife of Joseph A. "Joe" Sowell; daughter of Comer P. Bailey & Vesta LaCroix)
Webster, Mary I. Andrews, 29 Mar 1840 - 24 Oct 1868
Webster, Mary Black, died 19 Sep 1934, age 67 (daughter of L. W. Black and Fannie Moore)
Younger, Carrie Alexander, 1869 - 1938 (wife of William D. Younger; daughter of A. F. & Susan Alexander. A. F. was listed as a farmer in District 8 of Maury County in 1880)
Younger, Etta Owen, 29 Sep 1866 - 28 Jun 1904 (wife of W. M. Younger; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Owen)
Younger, W. M. "Little Bill", 1858 - 1950 (husband of Etta Owen)
Younger, William Stuart, Jr., 3 Feb - 4 Feb 1950
Yowell, Emma Jane Files, 1905 - 11 May 1982 (died in Fayetteville, North Carolina; wife of William Arthur Yowell; daughter of Jerry Files)
Yowell, William Arthur, Sr. "Rot", 1893 - 1982 (husband of Emma Jane Files)
Ytzen, Darrel J., 26 Oct 1927 - 29 Jan 1982 (son of J. J. "Judd" Ytzen and Iva D. Schlarbaum; husband of Nancy Williams; United States Navy, WWII)
Ytzen, Martha Ann Oliver, 14 may 1928 - 3 Aug 1954 (wife of Darrel R. Ytzen; daughter of Jake Oliver & Ruth Oakley)
* Zollicoffer, Robert, born about 1789 and died 9 Sep 1900 (His death was reported in The Daily Herald on 10 Sep 1900. I have tried to research him to see how he ties to the Zollicoffer's of Maury County but have not found a connection yet. I searched for him on the 1880 Census and so far have not found a match. The closest match is a Robt. Zollycoffer, age 3, mulatto, found in Lynchburg, Moore County, Tennessee.)

Santa Fe Cemetery

Caldwell, John Frances, 11 Jun 1912 - 20 Mar 2004 (son of James Edward Caldwell and Emma Harris)
Hill, William Thomas, 29 Jun 1934 - 17 Jun 2004 (son of Luther Hill and Pauline Shouse)
Kinzer, Cleara Pearl Adkison, 29 Dec 1910 - 28 Apr 2004 (wife of Alton Kinzer; daughter of Charles Adkison and Sarah "Tish" Stanfill)
McGee, James A., 25 Jan 1927 - 24 Apr 2004 (husband of Margaret Hanback; son of Clarence E. McGee and Florence Shelby)
Younger, Dail, 20 Dec 1891 - 10 Sep 1975 (son of William D. Younger and Mary Elizabeth Byrd)
Younger, Horace, 1896 - 1972 (son of William D. Younger and Mary Elizabeth Byrd)
Younger, Infant, 20 Dec 1891 (infant daughter of William D. Younger and Mary Elizabeth Byrd)
Younger, Lougine, 1894 - 1898 (son of William D. Younger and Mary Elizabeth Byrd)
Younger, Lula Green, 15 Apr 1890 - 7 Mar 1971
Younger, Mary Elizabeth Byrd, 1861 - 1920 "Wife Wm. D. Younger" (wife of William D. Younger; daughter of Dabney Byrd and Mary C. Ladd)
Younger, Mary T., 1910 - 1973
Younger, Raleigh, d. 4 jan 1936 (Tenn. 2nd Lt., 38 Inf., 3rd Div., WWI)
Younger, William D., 29 May 1857 - 26 Nov 1939 (son of William Younger and Lucinda Witherspoon; married 1st to Mary Elizabeth Byrd and 2nd to Carrie Alexander)

Spencer Hill Cemetery

Henson, Howard L., 22 Dec 1923 - 17 Feb 2004 (son of James Buford Henson and Vivian McMillion; Battery "A" 147 FA Battalion, WWII, received the Purple Heart)

Spring Hill Cemetery

Philips, Melba Pickard, 16 Aug 1906 - 24 May 2004 (wife of Dr. Daniel D. Philips; daughter of Howard Pickard and Hattie Swain)
Young, Charles Allen, 1930 - 1948 (Tenn. 95 AF Maint 8 Service)
Young, Clem D., 1879 - 1949 "Father"
Young, Irvie Lou, 1900 -
Young, Lizzie M., 1862 - 1962 "Mother"
Young, Willie Porter, 1902 - 1976

Theta Baptist Church Cemetery

Young, Mary E., 18 Jul 1841 - 10 Sep 1899 "Wife of W. P."
Young, Olivia J., 14 Oct 1866 - 21 May 1899 "Dau. W. P. & M. E. Young"
Young, William P., 2 Sep 1826 - 9 Sep 1904 "Husband of Mary E. Young"

Webster Cemetery

Webster, Harriet Walker Blair, 27 Sep 1819 - 2 May 1876 (wife of George Pope Webster)
Webster, Mary Ann Hamon, 15 Nov 1818 - 26 Oct 1867 "To Our Mother" (daughter of Nimrod Porter; married 1st to Henry Booker)

Wilkes Cemetery

Abernathy, Cornelius Beverly, 23 May 1839 - 7 Jul 1873 (age 34 yrs., 1 month, and 14 days; husband of Mary K. Wilkes; son of William David Abernathy and Mary Beckwith Hardaway; Company A, 11th Battallion (Gordon's) Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A.)
Abernathy, Lela, 1871 - 1894 (daughter of Cornelius Beverly Abernathy and Mary K. Wilkes)
Abernathy, Mary Cornelia "Neely", 1874 - 1969 (daughter of Cornelius B. Abernathy and Mary K. Wilkes)
Abernathy, Mary K. Wilkes, 1847 - 1910 (wife of Cornelius B. Abernathy; daughter of Washington Lafayette Jefferson Wilkes and Jane Crockett Love)
Amis, Bruce E., 20 Nov 1858 - 7 Jan 1927 (son of John Erastus Amis and Rebecca J. Thomas)
Finney, Barbara Wayman, died April 7, 2004, age 66
Love, John Draper, 17 Aug 1788 - 12 Jun 1863 (age 74 years, 9 months, and 25 days; husband of Susanna Caruthers; son of David Love and Mary Draper) Note: He was originally interred at the J. D. Love Cemetery and moved here in the 1970's.
Love, Susanna Caruthers, 10 Oct 1793 - 27 Jul 1874 (age 80 years, 9 months, and 17 days; wife of John Draper Love; daughter of Robert Caruthers) Note: She was originally interred at the J. D. Love Cemetery and moved here in the 1970's.
* Ramsey, Horace E., 21 Mar 1876 - 14 Feb 1954 (husband of Mattie Louise Ham; son of James Albert Ramsey and Mary Lou Adkisson)
+ Ramsey, Mattie Louise Ham, dates unknown (married Horace E. Ramsey on 28 Oct 1903)
Williamson, Charles Samuel, 10 Apr 1837 - 13 Mar 1913 (husband of Izora Wilkes; son of George C. Williamson; Company G, 11th Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A.)
Williamson, Izora Wilkes, 19 Nov 1848 - 30 Nov 1921 (married Charles Samuel Williamson on 16 Jul 1868; daughter of Rev. William Harris Wilkes and Mary Kennedy Amis)
Zollicoffer, Elizabeth Petillo Love, 28 Dec 1812 - 15 Sep 1854 (wife of Dr. Frederick Zollicoffer; daughter of John Draper Love and Susannah Caruthers) Note: She was originally interred at the J. D. Love Cemetery and moved here in the 1970's.

Williams Cemetery

Williams, Andrew C., 27 Dec 1856 - 16 Jul 1927
Williams, Ella L., 13 Mar 1871 - 18 Mar 1937

Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Youree, F., no dates, C.S.A.

Where Are They?

Kennedy, Andrew, born about 1806 - died about 1868
Kennedy, Martha Susannah Reams, born about 1819 - died about 1860
Kennedy, William L., 1842-22 July 1861
Andrew was the son of John Kennedy and Nancy McDaniel who came to Maury County in 1807
sometime after Andrew's birth as he listed Kentucky as his birth place. Andrew lived between the
communities of Mount Joy and Sandy Hook in the southwest part of Maury County. He married
Martha Susannah Reams, daughter of Joshua Reams and Mary Winslow, on 11 Dec 1839 in Maury
County. They had 8 children, one of which is the above mentioned William L. Kennedy. William
enlisted in the Civil War but was soon sent back home due to illness. Muster rolls tell us that he died
at home on 22 July 1861. Years of research have not turned up any marked graves for them. They
could possibly be buried at Sheepneck Cemetery where there are not many marked graves, or in
unmarked graves at Hunter Cemetery or Bailey Cemetery. The only other possibility is that there
could have been a family burial ground on his property. He owned a great deal of property in the
Mount Joy and Sandy Hook area. His other children are all buried in Arlington Cemetery (2 of them
in unmarked graves that have recently been discovered).
Kennedy, Robert Gordon, about 1797 - about 1873
Kennedy, Susannah English Majors, born about 1827 - died after 1873
Robert Gordon Kennedy was the son of John Kennedy and his first wife Barbara Gordon. He first
married Caroline Moody, who is buried at Arlington Cemetery. After her death, he married Susannah English Majors, daughter of Thomas English and Susannah Helton and widow of James A. Majors. She was still living after Robert's estate papers were filed in 1873. Robert could have been buried next to his wife Caroline at Hunter but there is no marker for his grave. Susannah could be buried with her parents in an unmarked grave in the English Family Cemetery. Robert and Susannah are last seen on the 1870 census living in the Mount Joy area so cemeteries in that area are also possibilities.

Surname Index.

Abernathy Acuff Adams Adkinson  Adkisson Aiken Akin Akins Albritton Alexander Alford Allen Allred Alsup Ambrose Amis Anderson Andrews Anglin Angus Apperson Arnold Ashmore Atkerson Attkisson Bagus Bailey Bain Baker Baldridge Bales Banko Banks Barber Barker Barlar Barnes Barnett Barr Barron Basnaw Bass Bassham Bates Baugus Beard Bearden Beckenbach Beckett Beckum Beech Belew Belk Bell Benderman Bennett Berryman Birthright Bishop Black Blackburn Blackwell Blair Blalock Blasingame Blevins Blount Bolin Bolton Bond Boshears Boshers Bottoms Bowen Bowman Boyd Bradford Bradley Brady Brannon Brawner Brewer Briggs Briley Britt Brock Brooks Brown Bruce Brumley Bryant Buchanan Buckner Bullock Bumpus Burch Burgess Burgett Burk Burke Burkholder Burks Burkse Burness Burnett Burns Burt Butler Byrd Caldwell Calton Calvert Cantrell Cargill Carlisle Carney Carpenter Carroll Carter Caruthers Cates Caton Cavender Cecil Chaffin Chambers Chandler Channey Chapman Chappell Chatman Cheatham Cheek Chennault Choate Christopher Chumbley Chumley Church Clark Clawson Clayton Clements Clemons Cocke Coffee Colagross Colby Cole Coleman Collier Collins Colvert Colvett Compton Cook Cooper Copeland Copers Corley Corville Cothran Cotton Coursey Cowan Craig Craige Cramer Crawford Crenshaw Crews Croak Cross Crosthwait Crotzer Crowe Crunkelton Crymes Cummings Cummins Curry Curtis D'Auria Dabney Dailey Dale Daley Dalton Daniels Danley Davis Dawson Degen Demastus Dickens Dickerson Dickey Dickson Dishongh Dixon Dodd Dodson Dooley Dotson Douglas Draper Duberry Dugger Duke Duncan Dunker Dunn Dupont Durham Eakins Earp Easley Eddleman Eddlemon Edwards Egerton Eksteen Ekstween Ellett Elliott Ellis Emmitt England English Escue Espenschied Estes Evans Evins Ewing Ezell Fariss Farnsworth Farquhar Ferguson Feurguson Few Files Finerty Finney Fite Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Fleming Floyd Fly Forsythe Foster Foust Fowler Francis Frazier Frierson Frizell Frizzell Frost Fuller Galbraith Galloway Gardiner Gardner Garrett Garris Garvin Gebhard George Gibson Gilbert Gilland Gillespie Gilliam Gilman Gilmore Gipson Gipson Glass Glenn Goad Goodloe Goodrich Goodwin Gordon Gore Gowan Graff Graham Granberry Grant Graves Gray Green Greene Greenfield Greer Griffin Griggs Grimes Grooms Guthrie Gwaltney Haggard Hall Ham Hamilton Hamlett Hanback Hancock Hardy Hargrove Harris Hay Hayes Haygood Haywood Heathcote Helmlinger Helton Henderson Hendrix Henson Hester Hicks High Hillman Hines Hinson Hixon Hodge Hodges Holden Holder Hollaway Hollis Holloway Holt Howell Hudson Huey Hughes Hughey Hunt Hunter Hurt Hutton Irwin Jacobs Jaggers Jennings Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Joy Judkins Kelley Kelly Keltner Kennedy Kerce Kincaid King Kingsland Kinzer Kirk Kittrell Klinzing Knowles Kuhl LaCroix Ladd Lamb Lanier Lasley Legg Lemay Lentz Leonard Lettenmaier Lewellen Lindsey Lintz Loden Logue Love Lovell Lovett Lowery Lowthrop Luchessi Luckett Luttrell MacDougall Mackie Majors Martin Massey Masters Maxwell May Mayberry McAnally McCarty McClain McConico McCormack McCoy McCrary McCullom McDaniel McGee McKennon McKinzie McKissick McMahon McMannis McMeen McMillion McNeal McNeece McPherson McWilliams Melton Miller Mills Mobley Moody Moore Moraitinis Morrow Morton Mosley Mullins Musgrove Nance Napier Neeley Nelson Newcomb Nichols Nicholson Norman Nowlin Oakes Oakley Odom Odum Oliver Orr Osborn Osburn Overstreet Owen Page Palmer Parker Parsons Pate Patterson Patton Pature Pennington Perry Peters Pettus Peyton Phelan Phillips Pickard Pierce Pitts Planke Polk Posey Potts Powell Powers Prentice Pruitt Pugh Pulliam Purvis Quellen Ragsdale Ramsey Randolph Ratliff Ray Reams Reed Regenold Register Rhyerson Richardson Richmond Riddle Ridge Ritchey Roberts Robinette Robinson Rogers Roper Roth Rowland Rudolph Runions Russell Rutledge Sanders Sargent Schlarbaum Scott Scroggins Searson Seaton Sells Sharp Shaw Shelby Shelton Shields Shook Sims Sisco Sisk Skillern Skinner Smith Smithson Sneed Snowden Southern Sowell Spain Spencer Sprinkles Spry Staggs Stanfill Stephens Stewart Stone Strickland Sullivan Sutton Taylor Tennyson Terrell Thigpen Thomas Thomasma Thomason Thompson Thurman Tidwell Tillman Trice Tripp Tucker Vandiver Vandygriff Vaughn Vernon Vest Wakefield Waldrop Ward Warren Wayman Weatherford Weaver Webster Weeks Wells White Whitley Wilburn Wilkes Willeford Williams Williamson Willis Wilmarth Wilson Winchester Winslow Winters Wisdom Wise Wiseman Witherspoon Wood Woody Workman Wrenn Wright Wyatt Wyrick Wysinger Yancey York Young Younger Youree Yowell Ytzen Zellner Zimmerman Zingarell Zollicoffer