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E-mail from Steph Powell Cecil (11 Nov 2008)
You have pictures of gravestones of my husband's GGgrandmother and GGgrandfather -- Samuel and Sarah Brown Cecil [1780s-1840s range, in Cecil cemetery]. 
His other GGgrandfather Lewis Green Lanier is interred in the nearby Arlington Cemetery, Mt Pleasant.
His Ggrandmother Mary Jane Lanier Cross [Hunter Cemetery]
His other Ggrand mother Julia Ingram Cecil [Mrs. James Harvey, Lawrence Cemetery] 
Unfortunately James Harvey Cecil himself is in Lawrence Cemetery also, but was not photographed, probably his stone was not in good enough shape. (No! It was just not photographed by MBR that day)
Several of their daughters are buried near them at Lawrence Cemetery.
Their oldest son, Samuel Shelby Cecil, my husband's grandfather and Mary Jones Cross Cecil --his Grandmother,-- are missing, but probably buried in Cecil Cemetery or maybe Lawrence Cemetery without a stone. They died in their 40s in 1891 and 1892.
James Harvey's brothers, William and John W. Cecil are both buried in the Cecil cemetery with their parents, Sam and Sarah--one spouse, and many of William's descendants.
I appreciate your efforts and those of the others who have so tirelessly worked on gathering these pictures.
Steph Powell Cecil [and Richard too]

E-mail from Steph Powell Cecil (12 Nov 2008)
Zachariah Cecil b. 1758 [Son of Samuel and Rebecca White Cecil] and his wife Nancy Ingram Cecil -- both b. in Maryland, relocated to Virginia and then to Shelby county Ohio with all of their sons and daughters [ some later went to Delaware County Ind]
EXCEPT Samuel [Ingram] Cecil -b. 1/31/1784 - their eldest who -- married Sarah Brown -b. 18 Jun 1785 and stayed in Virginia, [Montgomery or later Pulaski County] where all of their four sons and two daughters were born.

Their eldest William Ingram Cecil b. 9 Jan 1809 went to visit family in Indiana, and married Elizabeth Ribble there in 1832. Their first four children were born there but the family moved in 1840 to Maury County TN and settled there farming and adding 8 more children. [William and Eliz and most of their children are buried in the Cecil Family cemetery except for their sons Lloyd Cecil and John W. Cecil and families who are buried in Cross Bridges Methodist cemetery.]

Second son John Wilkerson Cecil, b. 1810, also went to Indiana, married a cousin Sarah Ann Butler Cecil b. 1818 and 4 of their 7 children were born in Indiana, the last 3 in Maury Co TN, where they moved about 1843-45. [ Their four youngest, Samuel R.,William C, Mary E. and John White Cecil are all buried in the Cecil Family Cemetery.]

Third son [ our ancestor] James Harvey Cecil b. 5 Jul 1812 came to Maury County in about 1840 with brother William, and they bought land near each other . Soon after that they went back to Va. for their parents, Samuel and Sarah and brought them to TN. James Harvey worked the farm on which the parents settled and married late--in 1847, to Julia Elizabeth Ingram. b. 8 Dec 1825 in Ky.
[I have HER stone from LAWRENCE Cemetery, but NOT JAMES HARVEY CECIL whose grave should be right there beside hers.] All of their children were born in Maury County.
Annie Mary Cecil 1849-+ Mumford Smith --- Lawrence Cemetery
Sallie Alice Frances Cecil 1854-+ Willis W Conner --- Lawrence Cemetery
Amelia Virginia Cecil -1857 and Nellie Wilmot Cecil -1863 both in Lawrence Cemetery
William Greenberry 1861 and wife are believed buried in Ardmore Oklahoma, and eldest son [Richard's grandfather] Samuel Shelby Cecil b. 24 Jul 1851 d. 26 Feb 1892 in Mt Pleasant, but no word where he and wife Mary Jones Cross Cecil [1852-1891] are buried. -- Probably in Cecil Family Cemetery w/o a headstone.
Her mother Mary Jane Lanier Cross is interred in Hunter Cemetery [Father died in the war] and her Grandfather, Lewis Green Lanier 1799-1881 is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Fourth Son Shelby White Cecil b. 1824, m. Mary L Bratton also went to Tennessee
they are in Cecil family but their son Gordon Thomas [Quintilla Dobbins] and family are in Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Fourth Son Shelby White Cecil b. 1824, m. Mary L Bratton also went to Tennessee
they are in Cecil family but their son Gordon Thomas [ Quintilla Dobbins] and family are in Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Their Eldest son, Charles Ingram Cecil [1860-1901]
+Margaret Anne Watkins [1870-1930] are both in Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery as is their
third son, Charles Ingram Jr. Cecil 12 Mar 1894- 17 Jan 1979, but not his wife Johnnie Dugger, 22 Sep 1897 - 21 Oct 1937, She is buried in Block "P", Rose Hill in Columbia.

Hope this may be of interest to come other family researchers or Cousins out there?

Steph Powell Cecil

E-mail by Steph Powell Cecil (6 Mar 2015)
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 14:53:59 -0500
From: "spc charlotte" <>
Subject: [TNMAURY] Cecil and or Cross descendants in Tennessee?
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Hello. My husband's grandparents died in Maury County, probably Mt Pleasant in ??1891 [Mary Cross Cecil age about 41 ] and  Feb 26, 1892 [Samuel Shelby Cecil age about 42, said to have died of consumption]. I have never found a funeral notice nor a place of burial for them.
Her mother: Mary Jane Lanier Cross. d. Jan 22 1853 and is buried in Hunter Cemetery.  Father: John Finch Cross died in Civil War.

His parents, James Harvey Cecil  8 Jul 1812 - 28 Dec 1883  and Julia Ingram Cecil 8 Dec 1825 - 8 May 1876 are buried with three daughters in  Lawrence Cemetery in Mt Pleasant., Tn.
Two of these sisters of Sam's were still living when Sam and his wife died.... guess they had no family feeling for him though, since no one thought to mark their  graves.
James Harvey's older brothers William and John Cecil  [ both with extensive  families ] also were living in the area until 1909 and 1910.
Does anyone know where Sam and Mary Cross Cecil are buried... ???? or how I might find a record of either's death ???
Also Are there any  descendants of William or John or younger brother Shelby or sister Nancy Brown [Samuel Finley Cecil]  doing research in the area or on any of these families?
Any help greatly appreciated.

Steph Powell Cecil,

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