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Take Mt. Joy Road south of Mt. Pleasant and go west. Just after crossing Big Bigby Creek turn south on a farm road & go to farm at end of road. The cemetery is on a hill west of farm buildings. The land is now owned by Stauffer but is rented to others for farming purposes.

CECIL, James C.,(b. Cir 1831) - 1844. age 13-11-07. "Child of J. H. & J. E. Cecil."
CECIL, John F.,
(b. Cir 1843) - 1844. Age 1-08-18. "Child of J. H. & J. E. Cecil."
CECIL, Ingram,
(b. Cir 1840) - 1842. Age 2-10-06."Child of J. H. & J. E. Cecil."
CECIL, Josephine E.,
15 Jun 1853 - 6 Aug 1854. "Child of J. H. & J. E. Cecil."
CECIL, James H.,
b. & d. 7 Jun 1866. "Child of J. H. & J. E. Cecil."
CECIL, William I.,
6 Jan 1871 - 12 Oct 1871.
***CECIL, Footstones: J. H. C. & J. E. C.
(The graves of James Harvey and Julia E. Cecil, parents of the children listed above, were moved to a cemetery in Lawrence County by a daughter.)
INGRAM, Samuel W.,
(b. cir 1842) d. 12 Sep 1859. 17-07-14. 'Son Samuel J. & Amelia Ingram."
INGRAM, Joseph F.,
d. 14 Jun 1859. "Son of Samuel & Amelia Ingram."

Given the graves of the Cecil children above parent's were moved to Lawrence County we would like to know where in Lawrence County. If you have information on that please pass it along to this site to Wayne Austin and we will make that known to the public.

Sources: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, listed 28 Feb 1988 by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr.  page 784. They Passed This Way, Page A-58, 1967.