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known also as the Cathey Cemetery.



This view looks southwest across the cemetery from the northwest edge. Those blue dots are not sad ghost, but a defect in the way digital cameras capture reflections in color when photographing into the sun light. Well, some of you hold outs are not convinced I know.

Looking at the cemetery from the southeast side. We are looking northwest. This shows most of the stones. One can readily see the old limestone/sandstone memorials from Missouri &/or Arkansas. The have been well kept comparatively speaking. About all of them have footstones at the foot of the grave and headstones at the head of the grave. Lichens and mosses live on these stones and can make them hard to read. Only one box tomb exist in this cemetery. The others are traditional upright ones. There are a couple of modern granite memorials. One of them being the Red Granite Kennedy Memorial set by descendents with special knowledge about this graveyard I am sure.
Photos by Wayne Austin 18 Nov 2008.