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This map from TopoZone shows where the cemetery is located along Petty Lane. the red check marks the spot according to the GPS coordinates. 

This road map shows with a red check the Cleaborne/(Cleaburn)/(Kleburn) Rd. and Petty Lane branching northwest off of that. 

I plotted two spots on this map, pointed out by the crossing arrows. Using proximity to determine the cemetery location it is thought the cemetery is split across both spots Both have small stands of trees and from this vantage appears to have fences around them.
Mr Fred Hawkins directions 1987:
From Carter's Creek Station take Cleburne Rd. north for one mile and turn left on Petty Lane. Go 1/2 mile to old Flannigan place, now owned by a Nashville family. The cemetery is on back of property.

This close in map shows the two fenced areas. According to one source there are graves on both areas and that the two areas were at one time one cemetery that a past farmer tilled the soil in the center part arbitrarily separating the two areas into two cemeteries.

Maps from Topozone &
MS Bing Mapping modified for use here 22 Sep 2009 by Wayne Austin. Updated 4 Sep 2010.