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Locator Mapping     The padlocked gate

CAMPBELL, Collin, 26 Sep 1759 - 23 Dec 1834. 
CAMPBELL, Jane, 30 May 1763 - 6 Jun 1831. "Wife of Collin Campbell."
CAMPBELL, A. A. (Archibald Argyle), 31 Aug 1792 - 25 Jun 1844.
CAMPBELL, Polly C., 30 Nov 1801 - 1 Sep 1855. "Wife A. A. Campbell"
CAMPBELL, M. W. (Madison W.), Dec 1796 - Oct 1843.
CAMPBELL, R. H. (Robert Hurley), 11 Apr 1801 - 25 May 1831.
CAMPBELL, Collin, 13 Oct 1825 - 12 Jun 1827. "Son A. A. & P. C. Campbell"
CAMPBELL, E. P., 18 Apr 1830 - 17 Jan 1852.
McKAY, Nannie H., 26 Apr 1841 - 21 Jun 1881. "Wife of J. A. McKay." (Said to be "Jim" McKay's 1st wife & her maiden name was Campbell.)
McKAY, Inf. daughter of N.H. & J.A. McKay, no dates.
PERKINS, Daniel F., 4 Jul 1815 - 25 Dec 1853.
RAMEY, Jannet, b. 7 Mar 1803 - no death date given.

The listing above was copied from the book "They Passed This Way. " The gate at the entrance to the property is padlocked. I have been advised permission can be obtained with the right contacts.

Update: A researcher was able to get into the property with permission from Mr. Randle to photograph several overview photos in 1998. It is at this location.
Campbell Cemetery - Carters Creek ( You will be going off site so hit your back button. Unfortunately you will not be able to confirm any inscriptions from the above site. The photographer did not focus on the individual stones. I only noticed one error on this site . The birth year of Collin Campbell is thought to be 1825 instead of 1927 as stated on this offsite. Out there the birth date is shown as occurring before the death date.

This cemetery listing was printed in various books of the past. Mr. Fred Lee Hawkins in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries listed this cemetery about 1987 on page 134. Before that it was listed in the book They Passed This way page B-76, about 1962. However the original listing came from the book They Passed This Way. This info came from the above book. Listing added here 22 Sep 2009.