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This map was made before the business development real estate area that now occupies this place. It is based on the map coordinates shown above that I have developed to show the GPS location of the Bynum-Williams Cemetery. This is correct. If you see any other Bynum-Williams Cemetery locations throw them out this is right and correct the others are wrong even if they belong to the USGS Mapping service. There is not two Bynum-Williams Cemeteries. End of discussion.
This road map was modified to show the roads back into the (Cherry Glenn) Industrial Park because that is the route you follow to get to this cemetery. In essence after turning into the industrial park take all the 1st available left turns and find the cemetery in back & southwest of the Firestation #2 about 100 yards not yet opened as of this moment.

There is a different way to get to this cemetery today. Old locations prior to this should be ignored forever. So turn left into the Sam Watkins Blvd next turn left into the Joe Frank Porter Rd and then turn left into the Charles Fisher St and pass the Fire station. It is behind and just past that fire station marked by a black check on the left again. [CWA 5 Apr 2011]

This is a replication of the 1st map above showing the GPS location with an Aerial view.
Maps from Topozone/MS Streets & Trips 2004/Google & MS Bing all modified to show the location of this cemetery by Wayne Austin 5 Apr 2011.