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Mapping the Location

Mapping the roads to the cemetery: 4912/4913/4914
Cemetery views: 4937/4938/4939/4953/4964/4965/4966/4967

BYNUM, Dolly, 1797 - 3 Apr 1862. Aged about 65 yrs. (Dorethea "Dolly" Williams; d/o Nimrod William a Rev. War Vet, & Mary Andrews; wife of Mark Bynum.Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Steven 4943/4944/4942
BYNUM, John W. (Wesley),
6 Jul 1813 - 27 Jan 1849. 35-05-21.(s/o Doreethea Williams Bynum; h/o Mary Ann Williams Bynum; Ref: Steven e-mail to Mary Bob.) 4940C/4940/4941
BYNUM, Mary A.,
19 Jul 1819 - 3 Feb 1848. 28-06-13 4927C/4927/4929
BYNUM, Mary F.,
9 Feb 1838 - 19 Dec 1847. 08-10-10. "Daughter of John W. & Mary A. Bynum" 4925C/4925/4926
FREEMAN, Christiana G. Watkins,
b. Lunenburg Co., Va., d. Maury County, Tenn., 1843.  4919C/4919
GOODLOE, William Hill,
3 Aug 1804 - 6 Sep 1834. (Top of box tomb.) No photo - probably here: 4954
LEDBETTER, Mrs. Emily E.,
22 Jun 1814 - 4 Jan 1837. "Wife of Rev. W. Ledbetter." 4947/4948/4949
SMITH, Sarah Ann,
17 Jan 1816 - 29 Jul 1848. "Consort of J.W. Smith; Daughter of Mark & Dolly Bynum." 4945/4946
SMITH, Amanda Jo,
30 Nov 1838 - 21 Aug 1846, (a daughter of Jo's (Joseph) and Sarah A. Smith) 4928/4957/4961
WILLIAMS, Anderson,
30 Jan 1788 - 31 Mar 1850. 4931/4932/4933
WILLIAMS, Candis H.,
23 Dec 1796 - 31 Dec 1849.  4930C/4930/4936
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Elizabeth K.,
d. 23 May 1851. Aged 48 yrs. (See T. P. T. W. for full inscription.) 4955C/4955
WILLIAMS, Eliza Jane,
9 Jan 1819 - 17 Aug 1843. "Consort of Alvis Williams."  4924C/4924/4923
d. Feb 1846 . Age 22 years. "Son of Ed & Elizabeth K. Williams" 4950/4951/4953
WILLIAMS, Alexander M.,
aged 22 years. "That which thou soweth is not quickened except it die", no dates 4952/4956/4953
23 May 1832 - 20 Feb 1854. "Consort of Basel D. Williams." 4934C/4934/4935
WILLIAMS, Peter Greenberry,
10 Jun 1838 - 5 Oct 1839. 00-15-25. "Inf. son of Samuel N. & Sarah P. Williams" 4917C/4917
W.P. (or W., P.)
This is a shaped fieldstone, located near the center of the cemetery. This might be the grave of Permanas Williams, from the style I know it is very old or prior to 1820. I am concerned though that the surname may have begun with a P. instead of a W.  4960

Fieldstone marked graves: 4916/4918/4920/4921/4922/4958/4959/4963

E-mail by Bill Timmons 5 Feb 2008

To add a little to the Bynum research, Elizabeth Timmons, daughter of Hannah and William Timmons, married Buffin Bynum on 13 January 1830 in Maury County, TN. Next to William Timmons lived Young Bynum who I assume was the father of Buffin. The 1830 census shows Young between 60-70, but I think Elizabeth and Buffin were living with her parents that first year of their marriage. It seems Buffin died before 1840 when Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth and Frances apparently were living with William and Hannah. Daughter Elizabeth Bynum
married Joel Goad on 1 August 1849. The 1850 census has Hannah Timmons, age 76, with Elizabeth Bynum, 48, and Frances Bynum, 16, in the household (William died between 1845-1850). Separately, Joel Goad, 27, and Eliza Goad, 18, were living very close to the Timmons' families along Santa Fe Pike, a few miles northwest of Columbia. 

Bill Timmons, 5 Feb 2008.

Another E-mail source on TNMAURY

Our thanks go to Ann & J.B. Lamar of Columbia for their help in finding this cemetery. I had looked for it several times before, but because the GPS coordinates were wrong by at least a half of a mile and all the roads changed I had no success. The Lamars' also directed me to the Pillow Cemetery which will show up on this site later.

This cemetery listing was donated by Mary Bob Richardson and came from a composite of listings in the various books of the past. Mr. Fred Hawkins in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries listed this cemetery on page 761. He visited 7 Mar 1988. Before that it was listed in the book They Passed This way page A-118, about 1967. Updated with a visit & photography by C. Wayne Austin and the help of J.B. & Ann Lamar. 4 Apr 2011.