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From Mt. Pleasant, take Hampshire Pike to Needmore and turn north on Gipson Hollow Rd. Go about two miles to McAnally place. Old cemetery is on hillside behind the barn. (I rate this the better instructions set, but do not know the owner today.) Basically to get to what was then and may still be the McAnally place one would follow Dog Branch east (map above) along the McAnally home entranceway. The old map above does not show that driveway from Gipson Hollow Rd.

Obviously you will need permission to visit this cemetery, but if you have that by phone or by letter you may be able to use these instructions. This is developed using the map features here.  Go out of Mt Pleasant on Hwy 166 or the Mt Pleasant to Hampshire Pike about 4 miles and turn right onto McAnally Road. Go about 6 tenths of a mile and turn left or north on the field road marked in yellow above. Assuming there is no pad locked gate follow that for about 3 tenths of a mile and stop (because the field road plays out) and get out and walk north the rest of the way to the place indicated on the Aerial Map above. The Cemetery is in the clump of trees down next to (south) Dog Branch on the hillside. You will walk about another 2 tenths of a mile north from where the vehicle was parked. 
I make no guarantees this information will find this cemetery nor do I make any reservations of the dangers you will face. That is between you and the land owner but certainly if you try this you should have the guts to take responsibility for yourself and hold no one liable for any bad outcome experienced. Wayne Austin.