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This cemetery has been destroyed according to researchers who published the book "They Passed This Way" during 1964. Tombstones were moved away. They said many people in the area remembered this cemetery and several people told them about the stones being taken away. The following list, was given to Mrs. Aubrey Wright (1964). She obtained the information from Mrs. Clyde Orr of Mooresville Tenn. Both of whom are descendents of persons buried here. Mrs. Orr and Mrs. Wright attended the funeral of Elizabeth Brown, the last person buried there. The property at the time was owned by Leslie T. Lee. 
Finding Brown Cemetery - Locator Maps & Instructions

Some of these inscriptions were copied by Mr. & Mrs. Orr many years ago The others are those known by them to be buried here. The birth dates of these are from the Federal Census records.

ASHTON, Mary Frances Brown, 22 Sept 1819 - 33 Feb1864
BROWN, James H., 2 June 1771 - 20 Sept 1827
BROWN, Mary Reed, 5 Sep 1772 - 8 Mar 1833
BROWN, Margaret King, 1790 - (no death date)
BROWN, McClintock, 1795 - 1874
BROWN, Elizabeth, 1813 - 1898 (Last person buried here)
BROWN, McNeal, b. 1825 - (killed in a horse race)
*BROWN, Eliza Vincent, b. 1828 - _____. Wife of McNeal Brown
*BROWN, Franklin, C.,1828 - ____
*BROWN, Harriett Vincent, 1823 - _____, wife of Franklin C. Brown.
BROWN, Washington, (no dates)
BROWN, Priscilla Jones, no dates, wife of Washington
CREWS, Polk, 1846 - no death date, Co. G, 9th Tenn Cav., C.S.A.) 
his wife was Margaret A. Crews buried at Friendship, he is also listed there in Section 1.
These persons were thought to have been buried here: (by Fred Hawkins)
GIFFORD, Robert A., 1828 - _____
GIFFORD, Albina Brown, 1824 - ________, wife of Robert A. Gifford.

This was at one time a large cemetery and there were probably many more families represented here
A number of infant children were buried here. Also a number of slaves who died of fever.

Information was from Mrs. Aubrey Wright, Culleoka Tenn., 18 Nov 1964 and was published in 
"They Passed This Way" by Marise Lightfoot and Evelyn Shackelford, Page D-240.
Published again in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries" by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 498.

Update 4 Apr 2008 from Bill Thrasher: Fred Hawkins shows this one as having been destroyed. 
I think the directions may have gotten mixed up. If You turn at the beer joint and when the 
road forks go right on Mckibbon Road instead of going left on McKnight Road. The first farm 
on the left belongs to Mr. Finley and there is a cemetery on top of the hill behind his house. 
All I could find was 2 Box Tombs, unmarked, but I think this may be McClintock Brown Cemetery.

Bill Thrasher, Culleoka Tn, Email:
I agree with you Bill. Based on the Geological Survey's mapping they also say it is on the McKibbon 
Road on top of a hill about 1/2 mile from where the road forks. Now obviously all those people 
above are not interred in two box tombs so that means maybe other graves have been destroyed 
or sunken below the ground. Wayne Austin, 5 Apr 2008.
Update  5 March 2009, E-Mail from Martha Aldridge:

* Subjects possibly not buried there.
Subject: McClintock Brown Cemetery
Date: 3/5/2009 8:49:12 P.M. Central Standard Time

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Several descendants of McClintock Brown who are listed as being buried in his family cemetery are actually buried in TX. My husband is descended from McClintock's son, McNeal Brown, who was probably buried in the Brown cemetery in the 1860's. However, McNeal's wife, Eliza Vincent Brown, ended up in Hunt Co., TX with some of her children. Census records show she was still alive in 1900, but she died before 1910, presumably in Hunt Co.

Another son of McClintock Brown was Franklin Columbus who went to TX with his wife, Harriett Vincent Brown. Harriett was a sister to Eliza and was killed by Indians in Parker Co., TX in 1863. Franklin died in San Marcos, Hays Co., TX in 1904 and is buried in the city cemetery there.

Still another son of McClintock, Washington Brown, is believed to be buried in the Eddy cemetery in McLennan Co., TX along with his wife Priscilla.

Also my notes show that Albina (Brown) Gifford died abt. 1855 in TN, so she could be buried in the Brown Cemetery. However, Robert Gifford remarried and went to MS; he's on the 1870 census of Prentiss Co. Several genealogies on show that he d. in AR in 1871, but I've seen no proof as yet.

I decided to include Washington Brown in this discussion as well, although I have not researched him as much as the others.

Martha Aldridge

06 Mar 2009

From: Wayne Austin
To: Martha Aldridge.

Martha I always thought that listing looked as if it was compiled from the census records instead of being a true grave listing. So you are confirming my suspicions. Hope this winds up being the first thread in telling a more complete story of this cemetery.


Wayne Austin