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BROWN, Col. Hugh, 8 Feb 1762 - 13 May 1851. Revolutionary War Soldier, served with the famous "Swamp Fox".
BROWN, Catharine,
7 Apr 1768 - 9 Jul 1838. Aged 70 Years, 3 Months & 2 Days. (wife of Col. Hugh Brown), "Thy flesh shall slumber in the ground Till the last trumpet joyful(ly) sound(s)." 
BROWN, John Esq.,
25 Jul 1790 in N.C. - 8 Mar 1852. "For many years a member of the Presby. Church."
BROWN, Mary E.,
11 Oct 1792 - 5 Dec 1867.
BROWN, James W. (Whitfield),
22 Jun 1811 - 14 Jun 1885. (Son Col. Hugh & Catherine Brown.)
BROWN, Jennette Dobbin,
20 Nov 1813 - 27 Jun 1892. "Wife J. (James) W. (Whitfield) Brown; Married 18 Nov 1835."
BROWN, John S.,
3 Mar 1856 - 20 Jul 1921. "Son of James Whitfield & Janet Dobbins Brown."
10 Feb 1813 - 13 Nov 1839.
DUNAGAN, James Newel,
17 Oct 1837 - 27 Aug 1839
DUNAGAN, Martha Ann,
18 Jan 1842 - 2 Apr 1843.
G. . . . . ., Samuel B.,
Samuel's Grave.", "Suffer Little Children to come unto me."

Colonel  Hugh Brown was born in North Carolina on 8 Feb  1762 and, as a young man, rode with Gen. Marion, "The Swamp Fox in his raids against British troops during the War of American Independence. 

His father, the Reverend Duncan Brown, brought their families to Maury County, Tenn. where they became very prominent in the early development of the area.  Col. Brown was a leader in the cause of education and was on the original Board with Col. James T. Sandford and others serving as Trustees of Jackson College when it was near Spring Hill in 1829, two miles west of this cemetery. It was initially founded as "The Manual Labor Academy." 

All these folks were likely Presbyterian and probably were members of the old Bethesda Presbyterian Church later known as the Brick Presbyterian Church adjacent to the place Jackson College/Brick Church was located many years ago. As stated this was only a couple of miles west of the Col. Hugh Brown Cemetery, but just across Rutherford Creek. Wonder how many time this statement was uttered "Today is Sunday and we (the Brown family) will not attend church because the flood washed out the bridge," Rutherford Creek is generally too deep to ford. Another prominent family that attended this church was the James Black family. They lived west of here in the eastern shadow of what is today the Saturn Auto Plant.

Two of Colonel Brown's nephews, Neil S. and John Calvin Brown, made their home with him while studying in the school. Both of them later became Governors of the State of Tennessee. Neil b. 1810 & John b. 1827 were born near the Elk River in Giles County 30 miles south of this place. 

Col. Hugh Brown was the father, of James Whitfield Brown who also lived in this community. Col Brown died on 13 May 1851 and lies here in this cemetery beside his wife Catherine.

Sources: They Passed This Way, page C-21, abt 1967; Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries , page 80, visited 5 Jan 1987 by Fred Lee Hawkins; Photos and information by Wayne Austin, based on a visit and photography 30 Dec 2008. Added here 15 May 2009.