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Follow Hwy 50 out and turn north (left) onto Fred white Road before it goes under I-65. Go 2 & 1/4 miles north and look right at a house sitting on an angle to the road. The cemetery is sort of in the front yard of that house, but 40 yards further down the road. It is within 20 yards of the road & you can see the three old stones under the trees, but will probably be shielded by leaf vegetation from the trees in the summer. 

Locator Map of the cemetery
Area photo

BRANCH, James G., 6 May 1812 - 10 Jan 1873. (Son James & Martha Minor Branch of Va.)
BRANCH, Sarah A., 19 Jul 1819 - 6 Dec 1904 Age 85 Yrs, 4 Mos. 18 Days. (wife of James G. Branch; daughter of Elisha & Anna Cohea Uzzell of N.C.)
BRANCH, J. A. W., 13 Jul 1849 - 23 Apr 1882. (son of James G. Branch)
BRANCH, Johnie, 10 Dec 1874 - 27 Feb 1875. (from records of past researchers, I did not see a stone for this listing. [WA 23 Dec 2008])

1986 Mr Fred: Two or three cavities show other gravesites and several flat stones light have once been used as markers.
2009: One can confirm the above statement somewhat with these photos. However there is a missing stone since 1986 that of Johnie Branch. Since I did not linger long the stone may be fallen and I did not see it. It might be in the large skip between the JAW Branch memorials and those of James G. & Sarah A. further out on the end, (fallen) below the leaves. I do think I see a fieldstone there in the skip center where the headstone would normally be. There also are signs that another grave is located further out on the other side of James G. & Sarah A. Branch. Notice the balding ground out there where the soil is mounded up a bit. No sign of a head or footstone or even a fieldstone marking a grave out there.

A couple of parenthetical statements are from the book M.C.T.C. and appear to be originally from a study of the Census data of 1850, 60 & 70. All other information from the tombstone and this site mapping effort.

Listed in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", 13 Mar 1987, by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 435. Also listed in "They Passed This Way", 1963, page D-167, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot. Information & photos by Wayne Austin 23 Dec 2008, added here 21 Jan 2009.